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The SALAMANDER brand: the essence of beer revolution

We have marked out debut with the selection of 6 significantly different beer styles. Since the very beginning we have aimed at showing how abundant the beer world can be. We have used a wide variety of ingredients beginning with unique malts through hops to yeast to unconventional spice mixes. The offer of Browar Stu Mostów consists of two lines: the first one redefines tradition while the other follows the dynamic beer revolution.

The SALAMANDER brand is the essence of beer revolution. The brand has been created to savour life and broaden our horizons. It symbolizes open-mindedness, exchange, a good chat and a sense of humour: all the reasons why we have always enjoyed having a beer with friends. Feel invited and let’s toast to the get-together!




whitporter-1 wheatporter-en


A surprising variation on the warm- fermenting British porter. Instead of the classic grist, we have used a generous amount of wheat malt accompanied by dark malts to achieve the aroma of freshly ground coffee with bitter chocolate. The most startling ingredient are baked oat flakes that give the beer its velvety smoothness and unexpected smell of freshly baked oatmeal cookies.


aipa1 saipa-en


Our re-interpretation of the American IPA style and a tribute to hop from overseas. This rich, malty beer with a strong dose of bitterness is brewed by Browar Stu Mostów from an impressive amount of new-wave American hops. The full aroma of citrus and tropical fruit, flowery, herbal and resinous flavours are enhanced with caramel fullness. Recommended for beer lovers who like a hint of bitterness.




witbier-1 switbier-en

SALAMANDER Strong Witbier

A classic warm-fermenting Belgium-style beer. Brewed with such aromatic spices as: bitter and sweet orange peel, Indian coriander and Polish camomile. We’ve taken it one step further and used much more of them! The outcome is a stronger and exceptionally savoury beer perfect to warm you up on colder nights.


paleale-1 paleale-en


a warm-fermenting pale beer slightly tempered with caramel malts. Daily beer that gives many pleasurable tasting experiences. The unconventional resinous and fruity aroma is released by a generous amount of American hops added while brewing the mash, separating hot sediments and in a lagering tank.


SALAMANDER American Wheat

As the name suggests, this is an American-style wheat beer whose major flavour component, namely wheat malt, accounts not only for the beer’s light colour but also its subtle bread and cereal flavour. American hop varieties give the beer its refreshing and balanced acidity while the lagering process its citric-grapefruit aroma. This refreshing and highly drinkable American Wheat is perfect for warmer days.



SALAMANDER Hoppy Violet Potato Lager

The beer has high drinkability. The taste is leaning towards noble, herbal and resinous bitterness. The aroma combines traditional hoppy, grassy and herbal tones that the best German pils beers are known for and fruity/citric tones typical for new-wave American beers. Colour 1/10. Bitterness 9/10. Maltiness 2/10. It is a perfect beer to celebrate the end of summer. Visit us to take the first sip!




AIPA-style dry-hopped beer with clear hop bitterness, resinous pine aroma and subtle citrus characteristics. This beer will take all your senses by surprise. Colour: 9/10.Bitterness: 8/10. Maltiness: 3/10. Ingredients: water, barley malts, chocolate wheat malt, colouring malt extract, hops,

yeast. Visit us to taste it!




Imperial IPA is stronger than AIPA in every respect: more extract, more alcohol, and, most importantly, more hops! Lower body than one might expect from such extract; lower maltiness, and light grist highlight the leading role that hops play in Imperial IPA.




SALAMANDER Cranberry Sour Ale

Take a trip to the North and enjoy a stronger taste of the sour top-fermentation beer brewed with cranberry juice. The beer’s clear sour profile has been produced by selected lactic acid bacteria and balanced with cereal foundation. Cranberry juice brings out the sour taste and accounts for a refreshing fruity flavour and unique bitterness.




SALAMANDER Cherry Berliner Weisse

It’s a combination of the traditional German school of brewing, namely the legendary style of light, sour and refreshing Berliner Weisse, fermented with lactic acid bacteria, and seasonal fruity flavour of Poland – succulent cherries. A perfectly drinkable mix!




SALAMANDER Peach Berliner Weisse

This is the perfect mix of the symbol of traditional German brewing school, the light, sourish, and refreshing beer, Berliner Weisse, fermented with the lactic acid bacteria and the refreshing Polish fruit, aromatic peaches! It’s a highly drinkable beer!




SALAMANDER Strawberry Milkshake IPA

As in milkshake, we’ve mixed intensely hoppy (cold hop) American IPA with oat flakes, strawberry puree, aromatic vanilla and sweet lactose.




SALAMANDER Blackcurrant Berliner Weisse

This is the perfect mix of the symbol of traditional German brewing school, the light, sourish, and wonderfully refreshing beer, Berliner Weisse, fermented with the lactic acid bacteria and the refreshing Polish fruit, aromatic blackcurrant! It’s a highly drinkable beer!





Salamander Blackcurrant Milkshake IPA

Outstanding in style and delicious in taste, this year’s latest trend, Milkshake IPA, is a modern combination of fruit, lactose and slightly bitter AIPA.





Salamander DDH DIPA (Double Dry Hopped Double India Pale Ale)

One of the hippest styles, Double Dry Hopped DIPA, is a innovative take on the DIPA style.





Salamander Blueberry Berliner Weisse

Berliner Weisse, a historic light and sour style revived by craft brewing with Chandler-type blueberries cooled down right after harvest to preserve their nutrition values and fresh taste. It’s the effect of combining two revolutions: creative thinking of craft brewers and blueberry farmers.





Salamander Grapefruit and Mandarin DDH DIPA (Double Dry Hopped Double India Pale Ale)

Double Dry Hopped DIPA, or the recent trend showing quite an innovative take on the DIPA style





Salamander Raspberry and Basil Rye Grisette

A highly refreshing and much lighter version of Grisette, the farmer’s saison brewed from barley malts and abundance of wheat and rye malts.





Salamander White IPA

White IPA, a perfect match with the Belgian Witbier: balanced cereal tones, specifically wheat flakes, go perfectly well with aromatic hops and well-balanced bitterness.





Salamander Chocolate Mint Foreign Extra Stout Nitro

The dark Foreign Extra Stout has been enriched with cocoa and fresh chocolate mint, which creates the amazing effect of drinkable mint chocolate.





Salamander Brut IPA

High saturation and fruit and hop aromas make it extremely drinkable and yet very intense.





Salamander Cinnamon and Citrus Cranberry Sour Ale Porto and Bourbon B.A. 2018

This exceptional cranberry sour ale has a neutral and cereal base produced by very light malts and wheat flakes. Cranberry juice and frozen cranberry fruits have enhanced its sour flavour on top of fruitiness and astringency. Since the beer aged in oakwood Porto barrels the aromas of cranberries and raspberries as well as vanilla have been released. Yet, the most surprising ingredients are cinnamon and citrus zests.





Salamander Lemon Blueberry Muffin Ale NITRO

The beer’s slight caramel colour is produced by Caramel malts 300EBC, whose presence intensifies the flavour.






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