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Since we established in 2014, we have been constantly aiming to create beer that builds bridges between people, cities and countries! Thanks to the appreciation and recognition of our beers not only in Poland, but also abroad, today we are giving you a unique 6-pack, which is an icon of creative cooperation with some of the best breweries in the world!


This beer is the result of the true art of collaboration, mixing part of the Verdant production process with our usual Hazy IPA protocol. The result is a slightly more orange beer with a fresh punch of our very best Nelson Sauvin, Australian Galaxy and Idaho 7 hops from Hop Revolution farms. More bright and less fruity than our usual hazy IPAs, and filled with huge amounts of citrus and dank notes. 

New England IPA

Fermented with a blend of our house ale yeast and Verdant yeast strain. The delicate, “easy going” malt base allows the mixture of New-Wave American and New Zealand hops to shine. Get ready for an intense hit of champagne, lime sorbet, chardonnay wine, candied orange and guava notes.





We teamed with Luke and the Bellwoods team to do a small homage to one of their most famous beers – Jelly king. Even if our interpretation is a bit different to the OG Jelly king, the spirit is the same. A highly hopped, citrus forward sour IPA. We took some of our best worked NEIPA recipes and kettle soured it with a clean, citrus forward Lactobacilus strain. The result is the most lime-forward beer we ever made. Like seriously – it tastes just like lime sorbette ice cream! 

Double Dry Hopped Sour IPA

A kettle soured (with our home Lactobacillus mix) NEIPA, double dry hopped with some American hop classics and our favorite Galaxy from Australia. Full of tropical notes of mango and passion fruit combined with an intense, citrus aroma. Ends with a clean, refreshing sourness.





Their goal is to produce the best beers and offer them at the maximum freshness! CRAK was born as a sound of breaking with the past because buying their system was an epochal turning point for them. For the first time, they opened the doors of it in 2015, and since that day, they do what the text on one of the beers they produce – Guerilla suggests: fight for what they believe in because “everything is possible, you just have to find the right way to go with the means you have”.

Double Dry Hopped NEIPA with Coconut

Brewed with fluffy oats, milk sugar, double dry hopped and aged in coconut flakes NEIPA. A blend of tropical hop notes like pineapple and guava and luscious coconut.





The Other Half team crafts beers in their Brooklyn brewery. They’re dedicated to collaborating with breweries both in New York as well as across the world in an effort to constantly move the industry forward while elevating the craft. Their mission is “to create beers that they wanted to drink from a company that they wanted to be a part of”.

Double Dry Hopped Double IPA

A soft, bright and pungent Double IPA, double dry hopped with Strata, Citra and Motueka hops. Filled with notes of ripe mango, meyer lemon, tangerine sorbet and dank.





When we started talking with Alex about this collab, an old school Imperial Stout was not the first idea we had. To be honest, we first thought about going a bit more new wave and packing it with a bunch of adjuncts but after thinking more about it we decided to brew a true & fully oldschool Imperial stout. Without adjuncts and only showcasing big dark malts and American hops. The result is a big, 10% alc, roasty Imperial Stout not so sweet as the modern versions, with more bitterness and a darker foam. An Imperial stout like the ones we drunk a while ago! 

Old School Imperial Stout

An old school Imperial Stout brewed with 6 different special malts and hopped with classic American hops. Big, bold and roasty with a lot of malty, chocolate notes.





Their philosophy stands behind brewing the best beers they can make and designing the flavor of each of them to be as aromatic and unique as possible. Unconventional methods of brewing and thinking outside the box is exactly what they do. Having a choice of quality vs. quantity, they will always bet on quality!

Imperial Pastry Stout with Cocoa nibs, Pecan nuts and Tonka beans

A rich, sweet and decadent Imperial Stout inspired in one of the classic southern desserts. Brewed with milk sugar, cocoa nibs, pecan nuts and tonka beans.