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18 LAT?

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Discover our seasonal beers, which we plan to release…every two months!

All of them would be strongly inspired by the current season of the year and crafted to be your beer companion no matter if it is dark and cold winter evening or bright and warm midsummer afternoon.


Dry Hopped Saison Motueka & Huell Melon

We used a multi-grain malt base, a blend of New Zealand Motueka and German Huell Melon hops and our two favorite saison yeast strains. The beer effect of this combination is a classic Saison in which yeast aromas combine with fruity – lime, melon and strawberry hop notes creating a crisp, well-balanced, highly carbonated and drinkable beer perfect for celebrating the first sunny days of the year!



Citrus Witbier

Biere blanche is a mild wheat beer with an outstanding session character, traditionally brewed with the addition of citrus and spices. In our interpretation of this style, we have included the addition of bitter orange peels and chamomile. However, the most important component of this beer are yeasts that contributes to its dryness and aroma profile rich in esters and phenols.




The second one of our early spring seasonal beers is 𝐑𝐞𝘥 𝐈𝘗𝔸, for the brewing of which we used “good, old” Chinook, Simcoe & Amarillo hops that have been with us from the very beginning of the beer revolution.



Märzen Lagerbier

Märzen Lagerbier is a classic beer style that will allow you to beerly enter the new, early spring season with and enjoy the longer (and warmer!) days. It will be perfect both after a day on a bicycle trip, hiking or … on the occasion of the first bonfire with friends this season!



Oak Aged Brown Ale

Complex and malty Brown Ale aged in the presence of lots of oak flakes and filled with notes of biscuits, nuts and caramel complemented by a subtly oaky, vanilla aftertaste. Highly drinkable, full-bodied with a dark brown colour, beige head and low bitterness.



Dark Lager

This Lagerbier is a classic dark, bottom-fermented beer, for the brewing of which we used highest quality Pilsner and Munich malts, the addition of roasted special malts, soft Breslau water, German hops and the house strain of Lagerbier yeast! That is exactly how we created this full-bodied, malty and high drinkable czech style Tmavy Lezak!