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Classics redefined

The beers selected for our debut reflect two approaches to modern brewing: redefining tradition, on the one hand, and following the dynamic beer revolution on the other. Our goal has also been to test the possibilities of the new equipment. It has also turned out to be a test on how well we could cooperate in the intense times of opening the brewery. The two created brands: WRLCW and Salamander have been definitely worth the effort.

The WRCLW brand is to strengthen our identity and awareness of taste. The name consists of consonants only while the product is made of only those ingredients that have been used in beer production for ages. The brand will always be a redefined classic. Feel invited to taste our beer and share your opinion! Cheers!





WRCLW Żytnie/Roggen

A slightly darker and stronger representative of the classical warm- fermenting beer with over half of its grist made of wheat malt. Although this malt type makes the filtration process more challenging, it evokes the feeling of viscosity and enhances the already rich taste sensations. Caramel and Munich malts give the beer its full-bodied aroma topped with banana and clove hints produced by selected yeast strains during the fermentation process.




A classic bottom-fermented representative of the German Pilsner (Pils). The Pilsner malt used in the grist accounts for its pale colour and a slight cereal hint. The beer’s core is made of quality varieties of German hops, mostly the most aromatic ones, releasing a delicate herbal and spicy scent tempered with subdued bitterness. It’s a perfect beer to celebrate any occasion.




Brewed to celebrate the 6th edition of the Wrocław Good Beer Festival, WRCLW Dunkelweizen is slightly cloudy. When poured into a glass, thick beige coloured foam appears. The aroma is dominated by clove and banana flavours along with caramel sensations and the smell of freshly baked bread. The beer tastes of wheat tampered with pleasant but noble bitterness. There is the somewhat acidic aroma at the finish which accounts for high drinkability and refreshing experience.




This beer is best served in glasses that capture aromas such as sniffter or sensoric types. It tastes best when warmed up slightly in order to show the entire range of flavours and aromas. Another idea is to start tasting beer at 10-12⁰C warming it up in your hands to reach 16-18⁰C. As the beer temperature rises, aromas get more intense. It is said that the beer “opens” to show a rich variety of flavours.

Ingredients: water; malts: Pilsner, rye, caramel 400 EBC, Munich, chocoalte wheat, colouring malt; sugar; hops: Magnum, Tettnanger, yeast.





WRCLW Hefeweizen

Hefeweizen, traditional Bavarian style, is a top fermented, yeasty and light wheat beer. Thanks to specially selected yeast strain, its aroma resembles ripe banana and clove. It also has small acidity, which makes this beer unusually light and refreshing. It is best when fresh.



WRCLW Schops

Today the forsaken recipe has been brought back thanks to the commitment of historians, brewmasters and brewers from world over. The aim of the project is to recreate a beer style that disappeared from Wrocław pubs for over 2 centuries.





brlwine bwparamen

WRCLW Barley Wine

Yet another strong beer style in our offer (the other being WRCLW Rye RIS). Barley Wine is a strong top-fermented beer of an exceptionally malty character. It comes as no surprise that we have added an unconventional ingredient: molasses. As the highest extractivity beer that we have brewed so far it is also full-bodied and savoury.





WRCLW Imperial Stout

The strongest and thickest beer in the offer of Browar Stu Mostów. Black, non-transparent, brewed with a huge amount of dark and roasted malts.





WRCLW Raspberry Weizenbock

A stronger and fuller version of wheat beer, where intense malty aromas of bread, melanoidins, chocolate pair with spicy and fruity flavours of yeast. Its sweetness has been well balanced with slow-pressed raspberry juice. This is a classic wheat bock reinvented in its new fruity version.





WRCLW Orange Rye RIS

Dry Spanish oranges added right before bottling with the use of Hop Gun give the beer its truly refreshing touch. Citrus aroma and overtone are a novelty in Russian Imperial Stout. It works really well! This orange touch rounds out this dark, dessert, savoury beer.





WRCLW Cherry Eisbock

This amber lager filled with caramel, toasted bread crust, and dry fruit tones has been enriched with 100% slow-pressed juice from Polish cherries.






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