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The content of beers included in it is dictated with the latest trends from the brewing world and the seasonal availability of additives used in the production process. Each one will be released once and in limited quantities to surprise your taste buds each time and provide them with new exciting sensations. We also made sure that the moments spent while tasting were unique not only for your palate, but also stimulated your imagination. Each beer from this series will be specify by one word closely related (although not always in the obvious way) with its beer composition and a picture on the label. All in order to make a moment spent with each can special and fully unique!


Mutigrain IPA





Pancake Pastry Sour


New England DIPA


West Coast DIPA




Double Berliner Weisse


West Coast IPA


New England IPA



New England Double IPA


Double Berliner Weisse



SWINGING Tiki Sour Double IPA Tangerine/Coconut

Extra fruity and refreshing Double IPA. We spiced it up with Sabro to add tangerine and coconut aromas.



UNSPOKEN Triple Fruited Coco Weizen Strawberry Guava 

Our very loved Hefe Weizen taken to a new level with the addition of copious amounts of strawberry, guava and coconut flakes.




CHARMED New England IPA Galaxy/Citra

A brand new New England IPA brewed with base malt and fluffy flaked oats, dry hopped massively with the winner combo Galaxy and Citra.




SUPERNATURAL Double Berliner Weisse Pink Guava | Papaya 

Double fruity, sour and aromatic wheat beer in BERLINER WEISSE style enriched with pink guava and papaya. Their combination resulted in a true explosion of tropical aromas with an extremely refreshing character that perfectly combines with its sour character. Soft, juicy and deliciously fruity!





VACCINATED New England IPA Nelson Sauvin | Simcoe | Mosaic

It owes its unusual aroma to a blend of Australian Nelson Sauvin hops and American Simcoe and Mosaic varieties. Combined with our new fermentation protocol, they resulted in intense tropical notes accompanied by a touch of vanilla. The result is this light, hazy, super drinkable (and inoculated!) New England style IPA!




LUSH New England Pale Ale Strata | Pacifica

It owes its unusual aroma to a blend of the American Strata and the New Zealand Pacifica hops, which resulted in intense notes of citrus, candy, grass and lychee. A light, round, velvety and highly drinkable beer, topped with a gorgeous, long-lasting white head!




ONE & ONLY New England IPA All Citra

The only one of its kind, packed to the brim with super intense aroma & flavor. All that thanks to our new, top secret fermentation protocol called “Secret Sauce” and lots of Citra hop added in five innovative forms | Incognito, Lupomax, Spectrum, T90 & BBC Pellets | provided to us by the Simply Hops team. Not that we’re urging you, but this is simply a must try!




DRIPPING Pastry Sour Ale Mango | Passion Fruit | Coconut

Sweet and sour fruit bomb enriched with mango, passion fruit and coconut. The addition of lactose effectively counteracts the acidity coming from the fruits and wort acidification in the kettle. The whole is “crowned” with an intense orange color, and topped with long-lasting foam. Deceptively reminiscent of a multivitamin juice. Extremely juicy and drinkable tropical blend!



Untamed Double Berliner Weisse Raspberry | Blackberry | Vanilla

Untamed is our brand new DBW (Double Berliner Weisse) conditioned on insane amounts of Raspberry and Blackberry puree and our very best Madagascar Vanilla beans. Thick, sweet & sour, full of berry goodness and with just enough Vanilla so you can feel it but without crossing into the “pastry” territory.




Bangin` Grapefruit West Coast IPA

Dry, bitter and… loaded with intense hoppy, citrus and tropical aromas! Meet our newest IPA in the truly old-school West Coast style with roots going back to the very beginning of the beer revolution. In this arrangement, its bitter taste has been emphasized with grapefruit zests that also enrich its aroma profile. Don’t wait and drink it while it’s fresh!




Super smooth, aromatic and perfectly drinkable! The IPA-style malt base enriched with the addition of oat flakes and lactose was hopped with a well-known and popular combination of Mosaic & Simcoe varieties, resulting in an extremely velvety and balanced beer effect!



FLAWLESS New England DIPA Citra & Mosaic | Simply Hops collab |

Brewed with a relatively simple malt base consist of barley malt and oat flakes. In this beer we went really heavy on Citra and Mosaic hops at every possible stage of the process using gorgeous products that Simply Hops provide us. The result is an 8% hazy, orange colored beer with a white long lasting head, and whats most important – filled with the hoppy aroma and flavour.



LOADED New England IPA El Dorado, Citra & Sabro

Hazy, juicy and… loaded with intense hoppy aroma! Get to know our newest New England IPA hopped with El Dorado, Citra & Sabro varieties. They filled it with tropical fruit notes like lychee and papaya, accompanied by subtle coconut notes. Together with a hazy and malty base, they created a crisp, juicy and super drinkable beer – perfect for the early spring days!



MONKEY Pastry Sour Ale Banana, Lychee & Lime

Sweet and sour beer brewed with the addition of wheat malt, oatmeal, lactose and huge amounts of bananas, lychee puree and lime juice. Don`t forget to keep it cold and do not wait – drink fresh to fully enjoy its intense aroma of tropical sorbet, multivitamine, and fresh lychee fruits. Tropical, summer memories enclosed in a can!



ETHEREAL Small IPA Citra & Mosaic

DⒺlicaⓉe, Ⓗazy, aromatic, light, noblⒺ, spiⓇitual, majⒺstic, subtle, sophisticⒶted, airy and spirituaⓁ. Get to know our ethereal Small IPA in the hazy, New England version with an intense, hoppy (Citra & Moaic) aroma and the content of alcohol reduced to 3.5%!