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Facts about the brewery

Facts about the brewery

Interiors of 2 Długosza Street

They are high and spacious. The establishment, composed of a production section and a bar section, can seat up to 60 guests who will be able to choose between at least 10 different types of beer, which is the number of taps designed at the bar. The bar and tables are placed on a mezzanine, and there are extra seats in a beer garden outside.

Production line

It is located on the ground floor of the building. It consists of a two-vessel brewhouse, each of the vessels with a capacity of 20 hectolitres, 6 fermentation and storage tanks with a capacity of 40 hectolitres each, and 2 pressure tanks.

Browar Stu Mostów will brew up to 500 thousand litres of beer per year

Most of it will be ales produced in the process of top fermentation. This method of brewing has been used since the beginning of the brewing industry. Bottom fermentation, most commonly used by corporations today, produces lagers, while top fermentation produces beers with a richer aroma and flavour. Good examples include IPA, stout and wheat beer.

In search of new flavours

The brewery will be officially opened in September 2014. For the opening we will prepare 6 types of beer under the Browar Stu Mostów brand. Apart from that, craft beers from other manufacturers in England, Holland and Germany will be offered.

One hundred bridges in a bottle

For the first six months Browar Stu Mostów is going to sell beer to pubs in Lower Silesia and across the Opolskie province. Later we will start expanding to other markets. Original bottled beer from Browar Stu Mostów will also be available for purchase at good stores.