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Barrel Aged Series

WRCLW Rye RIS Bourbon Barrel Aged

Barrel aged beers have been a fast developing trend both in the USA and recently Poland. The ageing process, during which the whole range of chemical and physical changes take place, allows Rye RIS aromas and flavours to develop fully. The main goal of barrel ageing is to develop vanilla, caramel and oak wood flavours. On top of it, beer takes over flavours of the spirits that used to age in the very same barrel before. In case of our beer, it is American Bourbon. The final effect is highly concentrated beer as water evaporates faster from the barrel in comparison to other compounds. In addition, more oxidised beer means even richer aromas of prunes and cherries.

Russian Imperial Stout is a style for these beer enthusiasts who are ready for new experiences. This full flavoured beer was brewed as early as at the turn of 18th and beginning of the 19th century in London. This classic style has been redefined by adding coffee, chocolate, caramel and velvety rye malts which bring to mind luxurious pralines. The beer is very hazy. There is an incredible amount of ingredients used: huge amounts of malts that account for high extract and loads of hops to balance the full malty flavour. Another typical feature is the long fermenting and ageing process to allow the beer to age and balance its rich flavour.

Browar Stu Mostów has redefined this classic style by adding rye malts, which account for the beer’s even greater mouthfeel and thickness. As a result, the exquisite flavour and aroma last longer. The chocolate and coffee tones with a subtle touch of caramel and high contents of alcohol bring to mind luxurious pralines whereas the long ageing process accounts for the prune aroma. Despite the exquisite mix of produced sensations, WRCLW Rye RIS is harmonious and velvety. It’s a perfect beer to sip on long wintery nights.

Join us to taste it!



WRCLW Imperial Stout Peanut Butter Bourbon B. A. 2020 NITRO

Imperial Stout B.A. is our birthday tradition – this year we used the addition of peanut butter and Four Roses Bourbon barrels, which gave the aromas of vanilla, coconut, spices and of course – American whiskey! Nitrogen saturation smoothed out its texture and perfectly blended with malty aromas, creating incredibly tasty, dessert effect!




Salamander Schops Smoked Plums Rum B.A. 2019

Our wheat Schops in B.A. version went to oak rum barrels and aged with dried smoked plums. The sweet`n sour beer profile has been complemented with the taste of oak soaked in rum, dried plum, cold smoked ham, rum and dark dried fruits. This is the beer history of Wrocław – rediscovered!



Salamander Cinnamon and Citrus Cranberry Sour Ale Porto and Bourbon B.A. 2018

This exceptional cranberry sour ale has a neutral and cereal base produced by very light malts and wheat flakes. Cranberry juice and frozen cranberry fruits have enhanced its sour flavour on top of fruitiness and astringency. Since the beer aged in oakwood Porto barrels the aromas of cranberries and raspberries as well as vanilla have been released. Yet, the most surprising ingredients are cinnamon and citrus zests.




WRCLW Rye RIS Porto and Bourbon Double B.A. 2017

Ageing in Porto and Bourbon oakwood barrels gives the beer refined vanilla, coconut, dry dark fruit aromas enhanced with Porto and American whiskey tones.




Rye RIS Bourbon Barrel Aged 2018

Distinct malt accents – coffee, chocolate and caramel together with the velvety textureof our RYE RIS can be associated with Belgian pralines. Ageing in oak bourbon barrels gave it noble notes of vanilla, coconut, dried dark fruit and American whiskey.



Rye RIS Raspberry

It feels good to balance the sweetness of Russian Imperial Stout with a slightly more sourish tone. Raspberries account for higher drinkability and wonderful aroma that goes well with chocolate and coffee flavours.



WRCLW Barley Wine RUM BARREL AGED (2016)

Bringing together the world of beer, wine and rum! Barley Wine is one of the strongest beer styles known for its malty aromas: caramel, sponge cake and honey. The world of rum is represented by adding molasses and ageing in Jamaican rum barrels. Rum barrels enrich the beer’s aroma with vanilla, coconut and cinnamon tones. The taste of oakwood and rum give the beer its refined character.



SALAMANDER Cinnamon and Citrus Bourbon B.A. 2017 Cranberry Sour Ale

Exceptional acidic beer brewed with cranberry juice. Very light malts and wheat flakes make for a neutral cereal foundation. Cranberry juice has enhanced the beer’s sourness, fruity flavor and characteristic tartness.




WRCLW Schöps Smoked Plums Rum B.A. 2017 

This historic style has been the wheat symbol of Wrocław; characteristic sweet taste balanced with sourish finish produced by wort acidified with lactic acid bacteria.




WRCLW Schops Smoked Plums Porto B.A. 2018

The wheat symbol of Wrocław, a historic beer style with a unique sweet overtone balanced with a sourish finish produced by wort acidified with lactic acid bacteria. On top off that, the beer aged in porto barrels. The aromas of toasted bread and nutmeg have been enriched with beechwood smoked prunes. It’s history rediscovered.




WRCLW Imperial Stout NITRO Bourbon B.A. 2018

The strongest and thickest beer in the offer of Browar Stu Mostów. Black, non-transparent, brewed with a huge amount of dark and roasted malts.