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Craft Bridges


Hallertauer IPL is the first beer brewed outside Browar Stu Mostów in cooperation with the brewery we already collaborated with – the Camba Bavaria team. The bridge between tradition and modernity stands strong. This time we have decided to work on the Heller Bock style refining it with a handful of interesting new-wave Bavarian hops.


Hallertauer IPL Collab

Based on the Heller Bock style, which is lighter than its “regular” Bock counterpart, this beer style is of golden colour, malty character, higher alcohol contents, and very clear yeast profile.





jopenbut jopenparamen

Jopen Rye Baltic Porter

The origins of the Baltic Porter go back to the strong and dark beer from the British Isles, or the Russian Imperial Stout brewed as early as in the 18th century, which was affected by the embargo in the Napoleon times.





Funky Espresso Coffee Sour Ale

A super light beer with a creamy texture, rye and oat flakes, acidified with lactic acid bacteria. Mega aromatic dark beer aged with loads of coffee provided by a craft roaster house Right Side Coffee Roasters.





Belgian IPA 100 Ponts
La Pirata / Browar Stu Mostów

Super light, slightly hazy brewed with oat flakes and gigantic amount of Cryo-Hops (TM) Simco, lightly hopped to produce bitterness. Belgian Ale yeast strains along with hop varieties make an explosive mix of esters, phenols and hops.