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It`s available from Monday to Friday, between 11:00 and 15:00 p.m.

Lunch Happy Hours


Order via: or in Browar Stu Mostów Shop #długosza2


In the offer you will find dishes from the regular Shop menu, products from local suppliers, shortened pub menu and selected beers brewed in Browar Stu Mostów. Their full offer can be found on the Piwne Mosty e-shop website:


If you have any questions or problems with the order in delivery – call us directly on the number: 531 786 116

Please follow the guidelines during the stationar visits at #Długosza2 Street, take care of each other and see you soon!





The pub on Długosza Street is without equal in Poland. A brewery of this size with an open pub is a unique solution. Although the trend for adapting industrial interior for the purpose of opening breweries, pubs and multitaps has already been set, it is the first place that has combined them all into one whole. And on what a scale! In effect, WRCLW has gained a competitive edge. The pub is the best place in Poland to show differences between craft and commercial beer production. Whereas Wrocław has gained a landmark reflecting the city’s identity. Beer has always been an essential part of everyday life of people living in Wrocław. The city has been developing because people want to gather together. What we’ve always valued is human interaction and the revival it brings. For this reason we’ve been opening meeting points brewing the best beer in Poland.

The innovative interior of the brewery reflects the mission of Browar Stu Mostów – combining tradition and modernity, genuine beer and genuine life. We open every day at noon; the brewing process is open for visitors.

Our space has unconventional design. There is a beer drinking area on the steps, with tables for beer mugs only, that brings to mind a theatre auditorium from where guests can observe the stage: open kitchen, bar and guests sitting at tables. There is also the comfort zone with colourful reclining armchairs inviting you to stretch and relax.

The space has been filled with original tables, the Masters brand chairs by Kartell and custom designed chairs made of solid nut tree. In the very heart of the pub there is a three-meter long table with unique barstools. The counter is made of galvanized sheets decorated with copper rivets. Some décor elements such as galvanized sheets or glass texture over the bar have been inspired by beer brewing process while others bring to mind a cosy room. Hand-knitted pillows against industrial interior make for an avant-garde design. The pub is located at a mezzanine level from where the production process of craft beer can be admired.

The interior design has been prepared by Studio Projektowania Wnętrz Q under the supervision of Małgorzata Krzemińska, a visual artist, and Elżbieta Wachowiak, an architect. They talent and commitment have filled this space with ambience welcoming to beer aficionados and everyone who shares the passion for what craft beer is based on i.e. social life and high quality.