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Wroclaw is a city with rich brewing traditions. We want to refer to those traditions by brewing a craft beer with character.

It was not by coincidence that Browar Stu Mostów was founded in Wroclaw – a city with great brewing traditions dating back to medieval times. Mentions of cultivation, drying and use of hops for making beer appeared as long ago as in 1255, in a document by Prince Henry III of Wroclaw. In the accounts of the City Council of Wroclaw from 1332 we find records of barley beer stored in town hall cellars. In the second half of the sixteenth century barley beer of Świdnica began to be displaced by wheat beers, among which the most popular was Schöps.

By the end of the nineteenth century Wroclaw had dozens of breweries making both wheat beer (the Bavarian tradition) and Pilsner beer (the Czech tradition). The most famous beer brands of that time included: Brauerei zum Nussbaum, Haase Family Brewery, Brauerei Preifferhoff Carl Scholtz and Brauerei zum Alten Weinstock. Out of the great abundance only two breweries lived to contemporary times: Piastowski and Mieszczański. Merged and united, they formed the Browary Dolnośląskie Piast company and produced beer until 2004.

The latest chapter of the fascinating story of Wroclaw beer was closed, but at the same time a completely new chapter was opened, to be written by us – craft beer enthusiasts of Browar Stu Mostów!

We believe that our example will be followed by other manufacturers of craft beer. We hope that by reviving, together with others, the brewing traditions of our city we will make Wroclaw the Polish capital of craft beer.