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The WRCLW brand

WRCLW strengthens our identity and taste awareness. As the name contains consonants only, the beer contains nothing but ingredients used in traditional brewing.

The Brewery has paved the way for WRCLW where beer is brewed and exported again. This is the beer that won the title of the 2015 Lower Silesia Product of the Year. As brewers, we have been awarded the title of People of the Year in Wrocław. It’s finally happening! The great brewing heritage of Wrocław has inspired us to focus on slow lifestyle and regional traditions rather than globalized solutions.

  • WRCLW Dunkelweizen Beer Festival (5/2015)
  • WRCLW brand beers received the title of the 2015 Lower Silesia Product of the Year (voting 10/2015)
  • WRCLW brand beers were recommended as one of the best souvenirs from Wrocław ( 12/2015)

The WRCLW brand reminds us that beer is part of our regional identity – it is what water is for the Mazury lake district and coal for Silesia. It is more than proper craft, good technology and good ingredients. Beer is our trademark and main attraction. Wrocław has earned its name of the City of Good Beer for a reason.

The WRCLW brand supports the Craft Days and Reunion of Employees of Former Wrocław Breweries. The brewery itself is a great tourist attraction in the region. Our objective is to show the difference between craft and mass production. We have closed the year of 2015 with the number of 23 thousand visitors and countless recommendations: “Visit the brewery. It’s a must!

  • We organize the Reunion of Employees of Former Wrocław Breweries (8/2014, 3/2015, 8/2015)
  • We support 2016 EBC Symposium – the biggest meeting of the brewing industry experts and technologist that is to take place in Wrocław (choice of location 6/2015)
  • We have become involved in the project of recreating a historical beer style: Schöps, the most famous beer in WRCLW (since 7/2015) To learn more, visit:

Our objective is to strengthen the process of regaining, also culinary, identity. We’d like the beer to become part of a wider debate on tastes and flavours. What we promote is taste awareness. We cherish our roots and rich traditions. Looking for a new perspective on cuisine, we cooperate with regional food producers, meet at the Kwestia Smaku restaurant, and support the projects of the Food Think Tank from Wrocław.

We promote cuisine that rediscovers our roots, namely, what the Polish and regional cuisine has used for centuries: fermented, picked, dried and smoked produce. Our interest goes beyond the 21st century and spans over 21 centuries. Taking the best from one’s roots and rich traditions is the philosophy of the Root Cuisine that it is also close to our heart. It’s the redefined classic.

WRCLW beers

  • WRCLW Pils – 12,5% ekstract, alk. 5,0% obj. – „“great invitation to taste craft”
  • WRCLW Roggenbier – 13,5% ekstract, alk. 5,5% obj. – „“rye beer that attracts crowds”
  • WRCLW Dunkelweizen – 13% ekstraktu, alk. 5,9% obj. – official beer of the Good Beer Festival
  • WRCLW Rye RIS – 23% ekstraktu, alk. 10,2% obj. – brewed to celebrate the 1st birthday of Browar Stu Mostów.

To learn more about the ingredients and brewing process go to the BEER bookmark at: –




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