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CAN 2.0

Can is a must-have in a craft beer industry!

Why do we think so?

We are on the demanding path to environmentally responsible production and distribution of beer and other products from our offer, which has finally resulted with filling our beers in this more ecological packaging. Putting it in a broader perspective – we believe that doing business in a socially responsible way is something we should do to ensure the safe future for us and subsequent generations. We successively save energy and resources consumption, minimize losses in raw materials, semi-finished products and post-production waste using wort, yeast and hops in our kitchen. We also reduced water consumption by equipping our production hall with among others plate heat exchanger and tanks for hot and ice water.

Therefore, it was a natural step for us to analyze other processes taking place in the Brewery and improve them so that they are as friendly as possible to the environment. That is why we decided to take a new approach to the topic of packaging, which is the CAN.

We do not want to refute the myths about it, including the alleged negative impact of this type of packaging on the taste of beer. It has already been the subject of more than one professional publication  that each of us can easily reach on-line.

We want to encourage you to a reliable economic, social and ecological calculation, the effect of which will undoubtedly confirm the legitimacy of reaching for this perfect, but still niche and underrated craft packaging.

The facts speak for themselves:

1. Can is recycled, just like a bottle, but the process is cheaper, less energy-consuming and generates less waste. In addition, thanks to the easy and generally available option of scrapping – cans do not clutter our landscape too long.

2. Can is a lighter and smaller-sized packaging than a bottle, which means that a truck filled with canned beer, can carry more at once – i.e. on the same pallet and car surface a larger amount of canned beer can fit, thereby reducing both transport costs and the carbon footprint of the entire supply chain.

3. Can is a packaging that is technologically in no way inferior to the bottle, cheaper to use and definitely better when it comes to storing intensely hopped beer styles. In addition, it is impervious to light, which is of great importance for both the quality of the beer and its aromas.

4. Can is a modern packaging, proving the industry’s high awareness and social responsibility – it is best demonstrated by the practice of many top abroad breweries pouring their beers into such packaging.

You don’t have to take our word for it or dispose of long-rooted prejudices, but just as we believe that kraft is above all the people who create it, we are also convinced that they are socially and ecologically aware!

That`s why we want to encourage you to join the CAN 2.0 campaign through responsible purchasing decisions. Responsibility, ecology and modernity must become the part of our industry – let’s enter the CAN 2.0 phase together!