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Wrocław will keep alive a long-established brewing tradition of the Lower Silesia region.

Wrocław will keep alive a long-established brewing tradition of the Lower Silesia region. We’re focusing on traditional brewing methods, developing beer drinking culture and building bridges. We’re proud to accept both responsibilities and wishes from those who have marked the position of Wrocław on the Polish map of breweries.

“It’s about reviving the tradition that seemed to be irrevocably lost. It gladdens my heart and spirit.” – said Bolesław Dereniowski, a brewer from the non-existing Browar Zakrzów brewery during his visit to One Hundred Bridges Brewery. “I believe the place will achieve a success as it is a real brewery not a beer factory” – added Fryderyk Krukowski, a long-term Chairman of the Browar Piastowski brewery.

Professionals appreciate the ambience of the place and the equipment being installed on Długosza Street. “Wrocław lacks a small craft brewery where one could not only have a beer but also have a look at how beer is produced” – said Czesława Szpunar, a brewing headmaster at the Browar Piastowski brewery. “Wrocław absolutely deserves good quality beer from a craft brewery with traditional brewing methods and not a beer factory where lots of beer that tastes and looks the same is produced in a short time. It seems to me that Wrocław truly needs such a small craft brewery with traditional methods of brewing unfiltered and unpasteurised beer; a brewery with conditions for brewing good quality beer of a truly outstanding flavour.” – said Leszek Stala, Director at the Browar Zakrzów brewery.

Wrocław has a well-established brewing tradition of 800 years that we would like to follow. Jan Długosz, a chronicler of the beginnings of the Polish state, often praised the quality of Polish beer and described ingredients used in its production: “Wine is rarely drunk here and wine grapes not grown at all. Still, Poland has a drink brewed from wheat, hop and water known as beer. There’s nothing better to invigorate one’s body than beer that gives delights both to the locals and foreigners.” Then the Beer Purity Law was adopted that specified ingredients that could be used in beer production. We’ll build on these foundations as we’re approaching the 500th setting these production standards.

We believe that beer is important for our national identity. It is too important to be sacrificed to globalization. Wrocław and the Lower Silesia region have a unique heritage. “We used to be called Little Bavaria. There was a brewery on every corner. The tradition is still here and the former workers of the Browary Dolnośląskie Piast brewery were sorry to see it disappearing. Now we are quite moved.” – says Hanna Głuchowska, a spokesperson and the Head of the Marketing Department at Browary Dolnośląskie Piast brewery. Watch video reports from the visits to our brewery.