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Craft beer

The mission of Browar Stu Mostów is to offer something that we would like to receive ourselves: the best craft beer with an ambition to become Poland's number one.

Is there a place for an island of authentic brewing based on good craft traditions in the flood of beers produced industrially by large corporations? We deeply believe that there is. Just like many enthusiasts of good beer in Poland and the world!

Craft beer is brewed according to original recipes and based on natural processes, with no use of accelerating agents and without depriving beer of its essential properties. Only the highest brewing artistry and the use of natural ingredients guarantee the taste and aroma of a true craft beer.

Craft production is more expensive than industrial production. Corporations cut the time to produce beer down to 14 days. Craft breweries, depending on the type of beer, take from one to several months to make beer.

Craft beer takes work, time and care – it is just like looking after a baby. Brewing craft beer is a very demanding process, the final outcome of which is a unique taste. And something that follows the taste – top quality.

Original recipes, developed by our Brewmasters – Michał Żankowski and Beinat Gutierrez and brewer Filip Dąbrowski are conceived at Browar Stu Mostów. Our brewery is the perfect place for beer enthusiasts like them, who would like to work in a creative team and at an attractive place.

Browar Stu Mostów is the fulfilment of the dream about new quality, which is emerging in Poland only now. Our goal is to fulfill the Polish dream of a strong national brand, capable of successfully competing with brands well-established on the market. Browar Stu Mostów dares to enter the market to brew the best beer.

We believe in Browar Stu Mostów. And since faith works miracles, by brewing beer we want to bring joy to people, which means working small miracles every day. In Wroclaw, across Poland and around the globe.