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New England Pale Ale Strata | Pacifica

All the flavors typical of stronger hoppy beers, but with a more sessionable alcohol content.

We brewed it with plenty of flakes and oat malt, but minimized the addition of hops in the kettle. We didn’t begrudge it at the cold hopping stage, however, using generous amounts of 2020 American Strata and New Zealand Pacifica.

Hazy, pale orange in color, topped with a persistent white head and filled to the pin with aromas of citrus, candy, grass and lychee. Soft, juicy and delicious!


LUSH New England Pale Ale Strata | Pacifica

It owes its unusual aroma to a blend of the American Strata and the New Zealand Pacifica hops, which resulted in intense notes of citrus, candy, grass and lychee. A light, round, velvety and highly drinkable beer, topped with a gorgeous, long-lasting white head!


Malts / extract:

Less is more. Base malt and a lot of flaked and malted oats.

Our 2020 favourite, Strata, is back with the new harvest. As good or better than last year!
Blended with New Zealand Pacifica.

Best when it`s fresh!

Such intensely hopped beers tastes insanely, especially fresh! Hop aroma decreases over time. Therefore, treat this beer with particular care, keep it in a dark and very cool place (the fridge will be a good solution) and do not wait – drink fresh!

  • Style: New England Pale Ale
  • Parameters:
    • Extract: 12,5%
    • Alcohol: 5,0%
    • IBU: 15
  • Ingredients: water, barley malt, oat malt, oat flakes, hops, yeast
  • Malts: barley, oat, oat flakes
  • Hops: Strata, Pacifica
  • Yeasts: Secret Sauce protocol
  • Appearance: Hazy pale yellow with a creamy white head
  •  Aromas: All the citrus, grass, white fruits, candied orange
  • Mouthfeel:
    • 1 – soft and fruity
    • 2 – creamy and well carbonated
    • 3 – OJ
  • Serving temperature: 9-12⁰C
  • Glass: Shaker, Ale glass
  • Foodpairing:
    • Dishes: prawns in beer tempura with mango-chilli salsa and coriander
    • Cheese: Brique de Brebis, Roquefort, Brie, Stilton
    • Dessert: cold cheesecake with coconut panna cotta, mango & jelly, lemon-coconut sponge cake with passion fruit