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Pastry Sour Banana, Lychee & Lime

Fully tropical arrangement of one of the most popular sweet and sour beer styles – Pastry Sour Ale!

We enriched the hazy, wheat and barley malt base with the addition of banana fruits, lychee puree and lime juice! As a result, a thick, intensely aromatic and super refreshing beer was created, which, regardless of the current weather, will take your taste cups on sunny tropics!


Pastry Sour Ale Banana, Lychee & Lime

Sweet and sour beer brewed with the addition of wheat malt, oatmeal, lactose and huge amounts of bananas, lychee puree and lime juice. Don`t forget to keep it cold and do not wait – drink fresh to fully enjoy its intense aroma filled with notes of tropical sorbet, multivitamine, and fresh lychee fruits. Tropical memories of summer enclosed in a can!


Mix of barley and wheat malt and oatmeal, which influenced a softer texture and a fuller body. We also add a bit of lactose, which marked its presence in the form of a sweeter aftertaste.


Brewed with the “just enough” amount of new wave hops to complete the tropical aroma without dominating fruits.


  • Fruits: bananas & lychee puree, lime juice
  • Coconut flakes – Added at the last, ageing stage to emphasize the tropical character.


This beer was kettle souered with our house Lactobacilus strain. We let the bacteria work overnight to low they final pH of the beer just before boiling.  

  • Style: Pastry Sour Ale 
  • Parameters:
    • Extract: 18 %
    • Alcohol: 6,5 %
    • IBU: 8
  • Ingredients:
    • Malts: barleywheat; oat flakes
    • Hops: Columbus, Chinook
    • Yeasts: Home, clean fermenting ale yeast
  • Bacteria:Lactobacillus 
  • Additives: lactose; pures: banana, lychee, lime
  • Appearance:  milky, light straw
  • Aromas: citrusdank, teastrawberry, nuts, caramel
  • Mouthfeel:
    • 1 – medium body
    • 2 – sour, sweet and frutty
    • 3 – spices
  • Serving temperature: 8-12⁰C
  • Glass: Sensoric, Shaker, Cocktail glass