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Citrus Witbier

Citrus Witbier (Biere Blanche)

Our seasonal beers are inspired by the current season and weather, crafted to be your companion no matter if it is dark and cold winter months or bright and warm midsummer evenings.  

Always in 0,44l cans, always fresh. Brewed for the “now” and “here” and to be your session, everyday beer for a given time of the year. We keep the alcohol relatively low, so you can enjoy a few on a regular Wednesday evening but without compromising flavour. 

For May and June days and evenings we have brewed for you Citrus Witbier – a traditional Belgian beer originating from Hoegaarden and an equally aromatic Dry Hopped Saison.


Citrus Witbier

Biere blanche is a mild wheat beer with an outstanding session character, traditionally brewed with the addition of citrus and spices. In our interpretation of this style, we have traditionally included the addition of bitter orange peels and chamomile. However, the most important component of this beer are yeasts that contributes to its dryness and aroma profile rich in esters and phenols.


12.5°Plato provides the well marked maltiness while maintaining a sessionable character. The addition of wheat malt and oat flakes results in a cloudy texture and a honey-vanilla notes. The whole thing is complemented by the base barley malt we used.


In beers of this type, hops are not the dominant ingredient, but only a background for intense malty and yeasty aromas. And so, we have used “just a touch” of Hersbrucker variety to create a soft and mild bitterness that complements and thus balances the beer profile.


A traditional yest strain designed to ferment a Belgian wheat variety. Its characteristic feature is an intense citrus ester aroma complemented by phenolic spiciness. Unlike yeasts of German origin, it produces a great amount of banana-scented esters.

  • Style: Citrus Witbier
  • Parameters:
    • Extract: 12,5 %
    • Alcohol: 5,3 %
    • IBU: 15
  • Ingredients:
    • Malts: a blend of German wheat and barley accompanied by flaked oats for fullness and an intense haze.
    • Hops: We used a German Hersbrucker variety for a low and mild bitterness
    • Yeast: the traditional strain used for this type of beer – Witbier Ale strain featuring an excellent ester-phenol balance.
  • Appearance: light yellow, cloudy, strong white foam.
  • Aromas: citrus in the foreground and delicate spiciness in the background
  • Mouthfeel:
    • light
    • citrus
    • sparkling
  • Serving temperature: 8-12°C
  • Glass: Tulip, traditional Witbier glass