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SALAMANDER Pastry Sour Ale

Pastry Sour Ale Guava, Nectarine & Lime

The new design of SALAMANDER labels carries a hidden value. Discover it below and don’t hesitate to talk about it.

Crazy train of feelings
… a puff of steam, then – bang! (I don’t know why, but while looking at the thinning line of steam and everything we leave behind, I begin to feel like a child). But okay, no time to waste, let’s move on! We love each other safely, without need for remembrance, or money, or all those unnecessary gestures and thoughts. Where do we go now? What is this train filled with a hundreds of feelings speeding towards? Who loves – knows. The driving force is strong with them.
Public intimacy
… and mature love is basically driving blind, with no strings attached. It’s a pure force of nature, and forget the breaks. But it’s not all as beautiful as we’d love it to be. The hatred in the public sphere is strong and vocal, but instead of fighting it and thus bringing more of it to the table, let’s try and nurture it with love instead! “But how?” you might ask? It’s simple: feel the love and pay it forward! Love everyone, not for, but in spite of. The domino effect will do the rest. Just tap the first brick and watch it go!
The second half

… the average butterfly lives several days. It doesn’t have to eat, but only needs to look beautiful and all that nature requires of it is for it to complete its one and only task, its job of a lifetime: to find its significant other. After that the tiny little butterfly will die fulfilled. Be like that butterfly, just don’t forget to celebrate all the moments of love, and when death comes knocking, you know what to say – not today! That one last appointment is the one it’s always good to forget about.

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Let`s explore the world of lime, guava and nectarine aromas with our new Pastry Sour Ale! 

It was made from super soft, sweet`n sour base, brewed with a bunch of oats, wheat and milk sugar – lactose, that created the perfect canva for fruit and adjunt addition. 

We also added a huge amounts of juicy nectarines, tropical guava and just enough lime to make it all even more refreshing. Aged on vainilla beans and coconut flakes to round it all up. 

Clean tartness and tropical, pina colada alike aroma complemented by juicy stone fruit notes. 


SALAMANDER Pastry Sour Ale Guava, Nectarine & Lime

In the foreground you will find a tropical fruit composition accompanied by aromatic additives: sour lime, vanilla and roasted coconut flakes, which enriched the delicate and cloudy malt base with notes of tropical fruits, which, in combination with lactose and acidity from lactic acid bacteria, make up an extremely refreshing and comprehensive composition!


Simple, but complex malt bill composed with barley and wheat malts with addition of oat flakes to make the texture more velvety. We have also enriched this beer with lactose – milk sugar, which is not taking part in the fermentation process, to balance the acidity of lactic acid bacteria and tropical fruits. 


Brewed with “just enough” quantity of the german, Mandarina Bavaria variety.


This beer was kettle souered with our house Lactobacilus strain. We let the bacteria work overnight to low they final pH of the beer just before boiling.  


Nectarines and Guava – not exactly the fruit combination you see every day. We love nectarines because they combine some of the sour characteristics , that you can relate to stone fruit with a bigger juiciness that is almost tropical alike. 

Guava is the all time classic in our brewery, always a “go to” when we start thinking about a new fruit beer. Adding some sweetness and tropical aromas. 

Lime juice playing a refreshing role here, making it a bit lighter and fresher to drink. 


Aging with best quality Madagascar vanilla beans complements the dessert character of this beer, increasing a bit the perception of sweetness and combines well with its fruity character. 


Home toasted coconut flakes, to make it all even more tropical. 

  • Style: Pastry Fruit Sour
  • Parameters:
    • Extract: 18,0%
    • Alcohol: 6,1%
    • IBU: 8
  • Ingredients: water, barley malt, wheat malt, oatmeal, hops, yeast
  • Słody: barleywheat; oat flakes
  • Hops: Mandarina Bavaria
  • Yeasts: House Ale strain
  • Bacteria: Lactobacillus 
  • Additives: lactose, nectarines, guava, vanilla beans, coconut flakes
  • Appearance: deep, hazy, yellow pale
  • Aromas: tropical fruit, coconut, vanilla, ripe mango, subtle pink guava peppery aromas
  • Mouthfeel:
    • 1 – full
    • 2 – clean, acidity
    • 3 – sweet/malty finish
  • Serving temperature: 9-12⁰C
  • Glass: Shaker, Ale Glass
  • Foodpairing:
    • Dishes: poultry livers with sour peach, butter bun burger with grilled halloumi cheese and mango salsa 
    • Cheese: ricotta, mascarpone
    • Dessert: cold cheesecake with tropical fruit mousse, crumble, crepes suzette

More information about the idea behind the new design of the SALAMANDER brand can be found here and the assumptions of the CAN 2.0 campaign, as a result of which the SALAMANDER beers will appear in this packaging – here.