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Pastry Sour Nectarine & Raspberry

SALAMANDER Pastry Sour Nectarine & Raspberry

The new design of SALAMANDER labels carries a hidden value. Discover it below and don’t hesitate to talk about it.

Tastes of Tomorrow

How does the future taste like? You are rightly surprised by this question. I can only guess that it has aftertaste of the past. Perhaps it would be easier to focus on the overall impression. I personally dream that the future will taste like the first sip of cold, honestly brewed beer on a hot day after hard work. It is a taste of relief, satisfaction and well-deserved reward. Yes. Let. The. Future. Tastes. Like. This.


In order not to read from the tea or coffee leaves, let’s read some facts. The fact is that everything is constantly changing. Both – culinary tastes, social moods and the weather forecast – they do and will change. The fact is, you can never please everyone, but you can piss everyone off, though. Such, for example, the climate – it changes brazenly and… only in this annoying direction. I am predicting hate storm.

What will you do?

Imagine that you are yourself from the future. If you could, would you like to say something to your present self? Tempting, but what would such advice be worth if it was to change your future? And it is not known whether for the better. I would screw it. Because for the future the most important thing is what we do here and now.

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We teamed with our friends at Honest Brew to brew this juicy, tart, full and refreshing pastry sour. In the recipe development talks, future came as the main inspiration. What’s the future for us?

The future have to be local. Everything seems to be close nowadays, but we like to focus on local ingredients and work with small, local companies.

Very interesting, many times unknown fact is that Poland is one of the biggest fruit grower and exporter to the countries in Europe and the largest grower of many kind of berries. We feel extremely lucky when we work with them, so when brewing a future related beer, a fruited pastry sour came early to our minds.

SALAMANDER Pastry Sour Nectarine & Raspberry

It was made from super soft, sweet`n sour base, brewed with a bunch of oats, wheat and milk sugar – lactose, that created the perfect canva for fruit addition. This time we use crazy amounts of juicy nectarines mixed with sweet and sour raspberries, to obtain a clean raspberry tartness and tropical, mohito alike aroma. Super refreshing and comprehensive composition!


Soft, sweet forward base. Flaked oats and wheat malt, convined with a touch of milk sugar – lactose helped us to get the perfect canva to let the fruits shine. 


Brewed with “just enough” quantity of the german, Mandarina Bavaria variety.


This beer was kettle souered with our house Lactobacilus strain. We let the bacteria work overnight to low they final pH of the beer just before boiling. 


Nectarines and Raspberries – we love nectarines because they combine some of the sour characteristics, that you can relate to stone fruit with a bigger juiciness that is almost tropical alike. Raspberries are in Poland a real classic and the taste of childhood. The tow of them complement each others characteristics blending notes of apricot marmalade and fresh raspberry mojito. 


Home toasted coconut flakes, to make it all even more tropical. 

  • Style: Pastry Fruit Sour
  • Parameters:
    • Extract: 18,0%
    • Alcohol: 6,1%
    • IBU: 8
  • Ingredients: water, barley malt, wheat malt, oatmeal, hops, yeast
  • Słody: barleywheat; oat flakes
  • Hops: Mandarina Bavaria
  • Yeasts: House Ale strain
  • Bacteria: Lactobacillus 
  • Additives: lactose, nectarines, raspberries, coconut flakes
  • Appearance: deep, hazy, yellow pale
  • Aromas: first punch of  coconut followed by a fruity tropical punch and tart raspberries.
  • Mouthfeel:
    • 1 – full
    • 2 – clean, acidity
    • 3 – sweet/malty finish
  • Serving temperature: 9-12⁰C
  • Glass: Shaker, Ale Glass
  • Foodpairing:
    • Dishes: poultry livers with sour peach, butter bun with grilled halloumi cheese and raspberry salsa 
    • Cheese: ricotta, stracciatella di bufala
    • Dessert: New-York Cheesecake, Eton Mess, white chocolate panna-cotta with raspberries

More information about the idea behind the new design of the SALAMANDER brand can be found here and the assumptions of the CAN 2.0 campaign, as a result of which the SALAMANDER beers will appear in this packaging – here.