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NEPA Citra & Comet

New England Pale Ale Citra & Comet

The new design of SALAMANDER labels carries a hidden value. Discover it below and don’t hesitate to talk about it.

I know who I am, I act consciously

I know who I am, although I constantly discover how I react to changes around me. I see you, who (also with surprise) observe your reactions in new circumstances. The awareness of constantly getting to know myself in relationships with others turns out to be the most interesting life adventure.

I have an influence on the environment and the environment has an influence on me

I am aware that our actions shape the modern world to some extent and the closest world to the highest. Going through the mechanisms of interaction is like an endless puzzle. Yes, human nature, which has an element of chaos, protects us from boredom.

I know the truth about myself and I am looking for the truth about the world

I want to believe that I know the truth about myself, even – like me – imperfect, and subconsciously looking for the truth about the world. Apparently you are also looking, so please tell me what you have already discovered. Let’s accumulate the intensity of our consciousness, you hold a good tool in your hand.

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Meet our next arrangement of intensely hopped Pale Ale in hazy, New England version!

Velvety, hazy, intensely hopped beer in a lighter Pale Ale version! We present New England Pale Ale, brewed with a very high share of oat flakes, fermented with the ester in profile, Canadian Vermont Ale yeasts and intensely dry-hopped with Citra and Comet varieties, which gave the aromas of orange, juicy hemp (dank), ripe melon and mango!

SALAMANDER New England Pale Ale Citra & Comet

This is our next edition of the Pale Ale style in the juicy and foggy New England version. Extremely crisp, juicy and intense in taste – all thanks to the hops used in the production process: Citra and Comet, which gave the beer a unique, fruity character!




New England Pale Ale should be juicy! Not only due to the hops, but also malts. Therefore, a large amount of oat flakes went to the mashing kettle, and the process was carried out so as to maintain the maximum body, juiciness and turbidity.


New England Pale Ale is one of the latest styles in the American Pale Ale beers family. It is also the type of beer that has changed a lot in the technology of intensly hopped beers. It was created in the state of Vermonth in US, where brewers (against all rules) added hops during the fermentation process. Usually yeasts can get harmed by hops added at this stage, but under the right conditions they can biotransform hop oils into slightly different compounds, which are characterized by an insane aroma!

We used two types of hops:

Citra – a well-known and liked citrus-tropical variety.

Comet – introduced aromas of citrus melon and wet juicy hemp (Dank, Danknes).

Tastes best when it`s fresh!

Such intensely hopped beers taste insanely – especially immediately after the filling! Hop aroma undergoes oxidation processes with time, so treat this beer with special care – store it in a dark and cool place (the fridge will be the best solution) and … don’t wait – drink fresh!

  • Style: New England Pale Ale
  • Parameters: 
    • Extract: 12,5% 
    • Alcohol: 4,5% 
    • IBU: 25
  • Ingredients:
    • Malts: barley malt: Pilsner; wheat; Oatmeal; toasted hulled oats
    • Hops:  
    • Aromatic: Citra (US) 
    • Dry hopping: Citra, Comet (US)
    • Yeasts: Vermont Ale
  • Appearance: yellow, cloudy, with white foam
  • Aromas: red orange, ripe melon and mango
  • Mouthfeel:
    • 1 –  full, hoppy 
    • 2 –  smooth
    • 3 – fruity, mineral finish
  • Serving temperature: 8-12⁰C 
  • Glass: IPA glasssensoricsniffter, tulip
  • Foodpairing:
    • Dishes: Penne in spicy cheese sauce, chicken wings in malt coating with mango-chilli sauce, butter roll with halloumi and chimichurri
    • Cheese: Bleu de Bresse, Camembert with green pepper
    • Dessert: Orange sorbet with lemon balm, mango cold cheesecake

More information about the idea behind the new design of the SALAMANDER brand can be found here and the assumptions of the CAN 2.0 campaign, as a result of which the SALAMANDER beers will appear in this packaging – here.