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2016 Year in Review

2016 Year in Review

It’s been a successful year both for our team and the city itself. As the city of good beer, every year Wrocław makes its beer offer even more attractive. We feel that craft beer has been enhancing the process of rediscovering our identity. Since craft brewing is a creative sector, such an offer strengthens the image of the Mecca of enthusiasts and creators that Wrocław has become. In effect, we’re able to attract even more talented people to Wrocław. 300 km away from the chimney.

Wrocław is booming as the Capital of Good Beer

Giving the city its competitive edge, beer is also one of our highlights and a great tourist attraction. “A wide range of excellent beers is the reason to visit Wrocław.”

  • Wrocław is the #1 weekend destination in Poland…/6-reasons-wroclaw-is-polands…/
  • Craft beer is one of the 6 reasons to visit and one of the 12 reasons to settle down in Wrocław Both rankings include an invitation to visit Browar Stu Mostów.
  • Wrocław is listed among top 5 weekend getaways in the world
  • Wrocław is the place where the title of Person of the Year has gone to brewers; beer has been awarded the title of the Lower Silesia product of the Year. For a year now beer has been on the souvenir list from Wrocław
  • It is in Wrocław that brewmasters have joined forces with chefs having regular meetings in Kwestia Smaku; in November Browar Stu Mostów was awarded the Gault&Millau toque for excellent foodpairing and designing flavours to match specific beers. Learn more at:
  • We’re promoting brand awareness through the “first sip” slogan, which captures the meaning of craft as search, opportunities and open-mindedness. We’ve also come up with our own definition of craft understood as freedom from commercialisation; freedom from eradicating differences; freedom from taste panels looking for answers to the question whether 10 million people would enjoy this or that beer.
  • Wrocław is the place where aside brewing beer we’ve started the production of beer pretzels, bread and wort mustards. Learn more at:  We’ve opened Concept Stu Mostów, a craft workshop located 30 meters away from brewery where a baker, cheesemaker and chef cooperate to produce beer pretzels, sour dough breads and mustard. The team has been working since last summer. The plan is to expand the offer
  • We’ve recreated a traditional beer style Schöps, the wheat symbol of the city. More in a special brochure.
  • Wrocław’s rich brewing traditions have become the source of our inspiration. Every day we educate and give tours to show differences between craft and commercial production. The original craft brewery in the city centre is quite an attraction for beer enthusiasts. Book your tour
  • The 2016 EBC Symposium was held in Wrocław. The biggest meeting of scientists and brewers took place in Poland for the first time in the craft history.
  • Wrocław is the place where we organize special tours with the aim to show the difference between craft brewing and commercial production
  • We’ve won the biggest Craft Beer Competition in Poland. Our medals have produced the best results 300 km away from the chimney. Lower Silesia has definitely won the ranking. These are the moments of triumph and happiness. Hope to see you at: 6723544/?type=3&theater
  • The first postgraduate program in brewing technology at the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław has been opened with Browar Stu Mostów as a strategic partner.
  • Most of all, Wrocław is the place where amazing beer is brewed.

The Nutrition Department at the Life Sciences University in Wrocław has long been considered the best place in Poland to study brewing. We’d like to pass our congratulations to instructors and students. We hope the staff and students will keep inspiring themselves and working together to create a new chapter in the history of WRCLW. Visit us in Wrocław. Year 2016 will go down in history.

Selected awards and titles won last year:

  • ART#9 Oatmeal Hoptart – the bronze medal in the Speciality Beer category: Other Sour Ale, 2016 Brussels Beer Challenge, November 2016
  • WRCLW Rye RIS Bourbon Barrel Aged – the best Imperial Stout in Poland. The gold medal in the Imperial Stout / Porter category. Craft Beer Competition, November 2016
  • SALAMANDER Black IPA – the best Black IPA in Poland. The gold medal in the Black IPA / Cascadian Dark Ale category. Craft Beer Competition, November 2016
  • WRCLW Roggenbier – bronze medal in the Rye Beer category. Craft Beer Competition, November 2016
  • ART#9 Oatmeal Hoptart – Debut of the Month, Polskie Minibrowary, #1 beer in the Berliner Weisse ranking by Piktor. Craft of the Month by the Polski Kraft application. Top 4 Berliner Weisse of all times at
  • SALAMANDER Hoppy Violet Potato Lager – the silver medal at 2015 Brussels Beer Challenge. The first medal won for Poland at this international competition.
  • 2016 TripAdvisor certificate for the Pub of Browar Stu Mostów
  • Pub of Browar Stu Mostów listed among the breweries of the future according to Gault&Millau. A well designed place in terms of cuisine and décor. Find out more at:
  • Concept Stu Mostów recommended by the Label Magazine. More at
  • Chef of Browar Stu Mostów in the finale of the 2016 Culinary Cup of Poland. More at
  • Pub Browar Stu Mostów listed in the Gault&Millau guide with a toque. Find out more at:


High quality is our constant priority. We’ve been working hard to meet high standards beginning with the very first investment decisions. We’re proud to have the first in Poland HopGun, or a licensed system for dry hopping. Beer is hopped equally throughout the tank while the hop aroma works to its maximum. Purchasing and importing the first in Poland HopGun is just the first stage of the planned investments. The bar has been set high.

In 2016 we’ve been consistent in building the position of our three brands: WRCLW, SALAMANDER and ART. We promote them as an integral part of our regional identity, lifestyle and creative capital.


The WRCLW  brand

The first beer that has won the title of Lower Silesia Product of the Year. The mission behind the brand is to strengthen our identity and taste awareness. This year the brand has been expanded over WRCLW Schöps, the wheat symbol of the city recreated to revive great brewing traditions in Wrocław

WRCLW. Just as the name includes consonants only, the product contains only traditional ingredients. It’s a redefined classic. To learn more about the brand as one of the most typical beers of the city, visit:
Find out more about the WRCLW brand beers at:

One of the beers brewed under the WRCLW brand is the best Imperial Stout in Poland, which was awarded the golden medal in the Imperial Stout / Porter category during the Craft Beer Competition in November 2016. With its intense vanilla and chocolate pralines tones, the beer has won excellent reviews since the very beginning. WRCLW Rye RIS has also been the first beer to age in oak barrels. This year WRCLW Rye RIS Barrel Aged has been stored in Jack Daniel’s bourbon barrels. The great debut is scheduled for March 2017.





WRCLW Roggenbier has won the bronze medal in the category of Rye Beer at the 2016 Craft Beer Competition. “This is the rye beer to attract crowds” as rightly predicted Patryk Piechocki, Piwny Brodacz.

Since the very beginning, we’ve been offering WRCLW Pils series, which, as Jurek Gibadło vel Jerry Brewery has stated, is “the best invitation to craft.”



The Schöps project

WRCLW Schops is the beer style whose origins go back 250 years and which has been recreated by Browar Stu Mostów. It’s the wheat symbol of the city and the role it played in the lifestyle and diet of Wrocław dwellers. The guests who visited us to celebrate the premiere included beer enthusiasts, brewers and brewing technologists from all over the world. They represented 20 countries from 6 continents: Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and Portugal. There were guests from the USA, Uruguay, Venezuela, Australia, South Africa and Japan. What unbelievable turnout. It felt like the magic of the legend that Poland has never experienced.




Our great effort has brought about great promotion for Poland, Wrocław and Browaru Stu Mostów. The project aiming to return the symbol of 800-year-long brewing traditions to the city follows the trend of many brewers, beer aficionados and city enthusiasts. Schöps is part of the city’s history and identity. Finally, the beer’s made its way back home.

More about the beer itself
More about the project –
Read an interview about brewing traditions at –
More about the premiere



SALAMANDER, the brand created to celebrate the gathering of friends over beer. The name refers to a traditional custom and toast started in the early 19th century in Wrocław, which is still continued among student associations in Germany. To learn more about its history, go to

The best Black IPA in Poland has been brewed under the SALAMANDER brand. Brewed to celebrate the Wrocław Beer Trail, the beer won the gold medal in the Black IPA / Cascadian Dark Ale category in the Craft Beer Competition in November 2016.

Brewed specifically for the best Polish beer event, Beer Geek Madness, SALAMANDER Hoppy Violet Potato Lager won the first in Poland medal in an international competition Brussels Beer Challenge (silver; 2015). This year #9 won the medal.




Black IPA is an emerging new wave beer style, also known as the Cascadian Dark Ale as it was originally created in the north-western region of the USA, the Cascade Mountain Range. It is full of contradictions: dark as Porter with intense chocolate and roast tones subdued. AIPA-style dry-hopped beer with clear hop bitterness, resinous pine aroma and subtle citrus characteristics. The series includes: Imperial Witbier, American Wheat, Wheat Porter, Strong Witbier, Pale Ale and AIPA.

SALAMANDER Imperial IPA has made its debut during the birthday weekend. Stronger than AIPA in every respect, this beer has been brewed from the best American hops to produce a powerful effect of fruity and resinous flavours.

More about the SALAMANDER brand beers at 


ART creative collaboration

ART stands for beers created in collaboration with other breweries. Targeted at creative and open-minded people, this brand builds bridges between communities and beer styles. It symbolizes what craft is. We want to show craft as part of the creative capital of WRCLW, Lower Silesia and Poland.

This year we have completed as many as 5 successful collaboration projects.

ART#5 Imperial Apricot IPA,  January 2016. As the first brewery in Poland, we brewed in cooperation with an American brewery Pizza Boy Brewing from Pennsylvania, winners of the silver medal at 2014 World Beer Cup 2014 in the experimental beer category. We’ve decided on a legendary style and added apricots.



A historic moment. The first Polish-American collaboration. Browar Stu Mostów & Pizza Boy Brewing z Pennsylvania.



ART#6 Dinkelbier with carrots, March 2016. We’re joining forces to spread knowledge about taste and flavours. This time we have cooperated with Food Think Tank, a foundation that associates experts from many fields who look at food from multiple perspectives. FTT follow their own culinary trend which is a source of inspiration for fresh ideas. Read more about the project at our blog

ART#7 Red German IPL.  India Pale Lager, or a stronger version of full-bodied Brewed with our friends from Camba Bavaria, it is hopped in the German version. Camba Bavaria is one of the most prestigious German breweries. Here is the news coverage:–

ART#8 Strawberry Berliner Weisse brewed in collaboration with the Berlin-based brewery. Berliner Weisse is a cloudy, sourish wheat beer with low alcohol contents. Thanks to craft brewing this style has been revived. The bridge WRCLW – BRLN stands strong. ART#8 made its debut at the Good Beer Festival in Wrocław, where it was highly appreciated.

ART#10 Coffee Milk Amber Ale,  October 2016. The second beer brewed with coffee in the history of Browar Stu Mostów. This time Amber Ale with lactose, roasted cocoa beans and Colombia Rio Negro coffee. What an unusual sensory profile: grapefruit, green grapes, sourish candy plus a creamy mouthfeel. The release of the beer has coincided with Filip Kucharczyk from the Czarny Deszcz coffee roastery winning the Coffee World Cup in the Aeropress category.

ART#9 Oatmeal Hoptart. Another milestone; a collaborative brewing with the American Bristol Brewing Company. Berliner Weisse works as the foundation whereas oatmeal flakes and abundance of American and Australian hops added in the late and dry hopping methods give the beer its exceptional oatmeal, sourish and slightly bitter profile.

ART#9 has won the bronze medal in the Speciality Beer category: Other Sour Ale at the 2016 Brussels Beer Challenge. The beer also won the title of the Debut of the Month according to PolskieMinibrowary, placed at the top of the Berliner Weisse ranking by Piktor at Il Piwo, and earned the name of Craft of the Month at the Polski Kraft application. It’s been named one of top 4 Berliner Weisse of all times according to


Such projects only go to show the difference between craft and commercial brewing..

The ART series stands for creative cooperation and openness for new experience. Building bridges between communities and beer styles, the brand has attracted numerous talented and passionate people. A year ago we established cooperation with the Neo-Nówka cabaret. Initially considered a crazy idea, the project turned out to be a big success. ART White IPA has toured Poland as the official beer of the cabaret’s tour celebrating their 15th anniversary. As unquestionably the most popular comedians from Wrocław, the group promoted craft beer beyond their usual fans. Here is the film capturing the amazing atmosphere during the cooperation:



Collaborative brewing represents the typical features of the craft community: openness, knowledge exchange and inquisitiveness. This type of cooperation while designing first the idea, and then the recipe for beer is what craft is known for.

Learn more about ART brand beers at


Building Craft Bridges

In 2016 we completed two collaboration projects outside WRCLW. The first historic one took place in Bavaria, the other one in the Netherlands.

We’ve been invited by Camba Bavaria to the world’s biggest hop growing region to brew outside WRCLW for the first time. Our visit has sparked off a debate about the freedom of brewing that Polish breweries enjoy. Contrary to Poland where there are no limits as to beer brewing, Bavaria faces the challenges of the 500-year-old Bee  Purity Law, which bans using other spices than hops. It was introduced to ensure the quality of German beer. The meeting has inspired us to explore the topic of our competencies and developing hop fields in Poland. This is the reason why Hallertauer IPL – brewed in cooperation with Camba Bavaria made its debut at the Lublin Craft Beer Expo. More information at na

We’ve brewed with Jopen Kerk in Haarlem near Amsterdam. Jopen is the world-class brewery and the most often bought Dutch craft beer worldwide. Established in 1992, Jopen has been one of the founders of the European craft revolution. When it comes to the idea of craft, we are definitely on the same wavelengths as the brewery’s founders, Michel Ordeman and Lydia Zoetman. We met to start our collaboration project at their beautiful brewery JopenKerk. The modern brewery is equipped with state-of-the-art technological solutions. Being located in a historic building, Jopen combines traditional and new-wave approaches to create opportunities for craft beer. The brewery is of an urban character. Their aim is to recreate brewing traditions in Haarlem. Since the very beginning, they have focused on recreating native and regional styles. The aim of the meeting was to share experiences and familiarize the Dutch with Polish traditions. Our hosts noted the presence of our beers on their market. Our beers are available in Haarlem and well appreciated in the Netherlands. We’ve been on offer in Bavaria, Berlin, and the USA. Our collaborative brewing with American breweries has done a lot to spread the word. Our aim was to brew a beer that would bring to mind Poland and that we could distribute on a wide range of markets. For now, the joint project will ensure the distribution of our beer to many European countries and in the USA. We’ve agreed on the style: traditional, historic, and very classic. We’ve designed the recipe. We brewed 6 beers in 3 days. The project will make foundations for the great promotion of Polish craft set for January 2017. To learn more visit


The Year in Review

During the first year of our operations we exported beer to Germany and Czech Republic. This year we’ve expanded our export over Austria, the Netherlands and Russia and promoted beer from WRCLW at Craft Bier Fest Wien 2016, Berlin Beer Week, and Brau Beviale. The outlook for the year 2017 is very optimistic. We’re hoping to double the number of countries where our beer is exported to. Our greatest Christmas wish has been for our beer to be available in the United States. We’ve landed the deal. Export begins in January 2017.

To learn more about the brewery, the magic of craft brewing, building bridges, and the year 2016 in review read an extended interview at:

Time flies. We’re cooperating with two hundred business partners. Concept has opened up gates to collaboration with many chefs. The pace at which we’ve been changing the scene and expanding craft boundaries has been increasing.

And so is our team. We draw inspiration from various ideas to walk our path to success, which to us means building bridges among people, cities and countries. We are bringing together rich history and the potential the present world has on offer. We aim at showing the wonders that craft beer does.

Our plans for 2017 are ambitious. We’re planning to free WRCLW from commercial beer. We want to educate more, integrate more, and support every initiative that would help us reach that goal. Go WRCLW!