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Celebrate the 3 rd
anniversary of Browar
and WRCLW Rye RIS 2017!

3rd anniversary of Browar Stu Mostów

Celebrate the 3 rd anniversary weekend on Długosza Street. We are setting off on Friday with a big comeback of this year’s WRCLW Rye RIS. We are planning a great treat on Monday: one tank of ART#15 Vanilla and Chocolate Hot Scotch Ale brewed in cooperation with Jopen. The finale on Monday at 7 p.m. with a malty cake. Check details below. Let us bring some memories back of Browar Stu Mostów that officially opened its doors on 11 December 2014. –


WRCLW Rye RIS. The best and the strongest beer in our offer to be savored as our birthday
beer. Russian Imperial Stout has been created for the same reasons that today’s craft brewers
design new-wave beers i.e. to meet the needs of consumers looking for new quality, more
intense and full-bodied beers. Our version includes rye malts. To learn more about the beer,
its serving temperature, and food pairing go to

ART#15 Vanilla and Chocolate Hot Scotch Ale. Darker, stronger beer full of cereal and bread tones and slight chocolate and roasted flavours. With Mexican vanilla sticks and cacao beans. The flavour has been spiced up with fresh Habanero peppers, from own farm! It’s a malty and aromatic mix that warms you up and boosts your endorphins levels. Be the first to taste it on our birthday!

The beer premiers 14-17/12 –


Tap 1. WRCLW Schöps. A wheat symbol of Wrocław since the 16th century. Two centuries later the history of this beer broke off and no recipe has survived until today. Along with an international team of experts we have recreated this style on the basis of historical records and professional expertise of the brewing industry in lower Silesia. The beer was famous for its unique, honey and nutmeg aroma. The beer wasn’t very hoppy and sweetness was balanced with a slight acidity produce by lactic acid bacteria from oakwood barrels where it fermented and aged. More about this style at

Tap 2. WRCLW Pils. A classic representative of the German Pilsner; bottom-fermented, light, slightly cereal flavour produced by mostly Pilsner malts. Traditional, aromatic, herbal, spicy German hop varieties allow for the real spirit of this style to come to light. This beer is recommended to celebrate any occasion; clearly but pleasantly bitter. More information about this style

Tap 3. SALAMANDER Pale Ale. Broadly speaking, a top-fermentation beer style from Great Britain. Yet, “pale” does not necessarily mean light beer. In its American version, the style is intensely hopped to achieve some degree of bitterness. New hop varieties produce unique aromas. To learn more about this style visit:

Tap 4. SALAMANDER AIPA. Our interpretation of the American IPA, a tribute to the American beer style. Full-bodied beer with malty foundations and a big portion of bitterness. It’s a hoppy tribute to SALAMANDER American India Pale Ale brewed by Browar Stu Mostów with an impressive amount of new wave American hops. Filled with citrus, tropical, flowery, herbal and resinous aromas. A treat for those who are keen on bitter beers. More information at

Tap 5. SALAMANDER Black IPA. Salamander Black IPA is an emerging new wave beer style, also known as the Cascadian Dark Ale as it was originally created in the north-western region of the USA, the Cascade Mountain Range. It is full of contradictions: dark as Porter with intense chocolate and roast tones subdued. Clearly bitter; pine and resinous aromas with subtle citrus tones produced by dry hopping, similarly to AIPA. Gold medal winner at KPR 2016. More info at

Tap 6. ART#1 Doppel Weizenbock German IPA. The first beer brewed in Wrocław in collaboration with Camba Bavaria. This beer style has never been brewed in Poland before and it is not often brewed in Germany today. This collaborative project allowed for exchange of experiences and experimentation, or even a challenge to do something that is not easily attainable. This is exactly what differs craft beer from mass production. The ingenuity of the final recipe is based on ingredients and commitment of both parties. It is a merger between the German school of brewing Weizenbock-type beers and more characteristic hops of the India Pale Ale style. This dark-orange beer takes the best out of both styles: the pleasant banana- clove aroma and strength of double wheat bock and citric fruitiness of IPA released by new- wave varieties of German hops: Hallertau Saphir and Mandarina Bavaria. More about the style at na

Tap 7. ART#14 Mango & Peach DIPA. It’s a fruity and hoppy sensation! Brewing with Brewski means fruity flavours and hoppy brews. How to brew beer with Brewski in a nutshell: add loads of light malts, oat and wheat flakes for haziness, find and add as much American hops as possible, then pump as much aromatic fruit as possible: mango, Brewski’s trademark, and peach our favourite. That’s it! The outcome is an outstandingly fruity but refined DIPA that you won’t put down. Cheers! Na zdrowie! Skal! Learn more at

Tap 8. WRCLW Rye RIS. One of the strongest beer style in the world – Russian Imperial Stout. This historic style was brewed at the turn of the 18 th and beginning of the 19 th century. The style was created for the same reason that today’s craft brewers brew new wave beers i.e. for consumers looking for new quality, more essential and full-bodied beers. We have given it a twist adding some rye malts. Not much left: a few tanks of the recently brewed beer and ONE tank from 2016! More information at

Tap 9. WRCLW Barley Wine Rum BA 2016. The bridge between the world of beer, wine and rum! Barley Wine is one of the strongest beer styles. With its high extractivity and the abundance of caramel, sponge cake and honey aromas, the beer style brings to mind wine. As for the world of rum, the beer contains thick and sweet blackstrap molasses, which is produced at the last stage of cane sugar crystallization. It gives the beer the aroma of raisins, candied cherries, caramel and marzipan. The English yeast variety accounts for characteristic fruity flavour and almond aromas similar to those of amaretto or wine spirits.

The process of ageing in Jamaican rum barrels has produced refined beer. The long ageing process enhances the aroma over vanilla, coconut, and cinnamon flavours. Jamaican rum releases aromas of fresh tropical fruit, which can be sensed in the beer as well. The oakwood tones and rum tones balance stylish sweetness of Barley Wine creating well-balanced and refined spirit. More information about this style available at:

Tap 10. Jopen/Stu Mostów Polished Black Gold. The second beer that has been brewed outside WRCLW. We have chosen a well-known Dutch brewery, Jopen from Haarlem, to collaborate with. It is one of the most appreciated and one of the oldest craft breweries in the Netherlands. Brewing new wave, genuine, traditional as well as historic styles, Jopen has a similar view on the craft revolution as we do. We have hit off immediate and decided to brew a style that would promote Polish craft brewing – the Baltic Porter! Of course, the style has been recreated with the use of rye malts! More info at

We are getting ready to host loads of guests. Depending on our Leeds, we are going to rotate on 6-10 taps. Here are the beers that will be the first on taps:

  • Barley Wine Blackstrap Molasses
  • Rye RIS Jack Daniel’s BA 2016
  • Napar Barley Wine 46 mths Whisky BA
  • Napar Willy el Tuerto
  • Jopen/De Molen Sin & Remorse
  • Haand/Brewdog/Stone Inferno Triple IPA
  • Jopen Tropical Freedom IPA
  • Napar Milky Brain


Our birthday menu will represent crème de la crème of the culinary philosophy of Browar Stu Mostów. We are going to serve the best and most courageous dishes with genuine ingredients. It’s worth remembering we were the first to introduce meat offal and convince our customers that chicken hears, black pudding or beef tongues are delicious. There is nothing to be afraid of. We have made an effort to bring these products back onto our plates. Our chefs have brought about their flavours. Another bestselling dish was oyster mushroom whose delicate flavour is always a challenge for the cook. Oyster mushrooms served with creamy vinaigrette and herbs have been a smashing hit on our menu twice before. We are also going to serve two snacks that were our bestsellers: wings with mango, chili, and cilantro, and pasta balls. These dishes have proven what we have repeatedly communicated before. Namely, that food flavours enhance when we pair it with well selected beers. Beer enriches flavours and creates new ones.

It goes to show that one can achieve success using simple and local products. We look at the food from an innovative perspective but we draw on traditions and forgotten products. Developing for the last three years we have reached the momentum when all, or most, of our ingredients are produced on the spot, in the brewery and Concept.

This weekend we are going to serve our bestsellers from this year:

  • wings / mango / chilli cilantro
  • chicken hearts / lime / roasted malts
  • black pudding / mustard seeds pudding / onion bread
  • tongues / horseradish Mouse / dark sauce
  • oyster mushrooms / cream vinaigrette / herbs
  • pasta balls / roasted peppers

These are our culinary bestsellers of 2017 which might have helped us to win the Gault&Millau recommendation and the toque. Stay tuned for more info.


Here are 5 questions regarding the history of the brewery:

1) How many beers has Browar Stu Mostów brewed since its opening?
2) Which breweries did we brew collaborative brews? (list all of them)
3) What’s HopGun used in our Brewery?
4) List one beer that was brewed with melanoid malts?
5) What does SALAMANDER stand for?

We are going to have a prize draw among all answers sent (till 11:59 p.m. on 10 December 2017 at Prizes are going to be drawn just before cake cutting at 7.00 p.m. on Monday , 11 December 2017. Prizes include:

  • Beer glass by Browar Stu Mostów
  • 0.3l Vancouver glass by Browar Stu Mostów
  • Browar Stu Mostów T-shirt

Have a look at the gifts at

We are going to give you answers to the questions during the prize draw. We’d like to encourage you to study the answers and ask us questions. We’ll have plenty of time to bring back memories and we’ll be happy to take questions.

During the anniversary weekend we are going to present the achievements of the Brewery, our three brands, Beer Bridges, award and the team behind our success. We are going to explain how we promote our products brewed in WRCLW. We are going to show a self- running presentation that will bring back the best memories and events.


We are planning 3 special tours on Monday at 4.00, 6.00, and 8.00 p.m. Tours are available every Saturday. Book yours at On our anniversary Monday we are going to offer something special. No bookings, no fees. If you feel like, join us. We’ll do our best to host everyone. If you feel a bit nostalgic and want to reminisce about our beginnings, please watch the video. We invite everyone for the opening on 11 December 2014. Here is the video on the Opening of Browar Stu Mostów: