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New Year’s with an interview for Wysokie Obcasy magazine

Let’s craft together in WRCLW! Happy New Year from Browar Stu Mostów!

What an amazing start of the coming new year! We have been interviewed by the women’s magazine “Wysokie Obcasy.” Read the full interview to be published this Saturday. The photo is the courtesy of the editorial board.

What we have focused on in the interview is the role craft brewing plays in shaping WRCLW regional identity and lifestyle as well as developing the creative capital of the city.

We have also recounted the history of our relationship that goes back to primary school through corporate career to owning our own business. We have come a long way to fulfil our dreams of having a job that gives you 100% satisfaction. Our priority is high quality craft brewing. Our mission is not to question our efforts or make compromises.

The breaking point in our career was the decision to leave the corporate life behind. That’s when we started looking for our own business idea. Turning a new leaf has given us the sense of freedom and happiness. During our numerous travels, we came up with many business ideas only to go back to our initial concept of our own Brewery. Beer has always been an important part of our lives. As youngsters we would go across the border to the Czech Republic to have a beer. Grzegorz realized the incredible potential of the craft industry while living in the USA for years.

Looking back, everything seems quite simple. Clearly, we have followed the latest trends. We can’t stress enough the importance of slowing down and expressing your individuality. We value organic and simple products. As a source of joy and satisfaction, the craft production process gives us much more than good quality beer. That’s our way.

Wrocław has been a natural choice for us similarly to the name of the brewery itself. Now, the message the name carries seems very obvious to us all. We have always wanted to build bridges, to combine everyday routine and celebrations, worries and joys, distance and affection. We enjoy bringing together people, cities and countries as well as history, the present day, and the future.

We have also shared the story of looking for the right place for our brewery. We wanted to have a brewery and pub where everyone could observe the production process. It was our idea to combine food and beer, to educate and bring together people who value tasteful lifestyle.

The next step for us was to select partners, make a debut, celebrate first successes and build first bridges. Our Brewery has hosted leading brewers from Europe. When we visit our partners abroad, we promote WRCLW traditions and trends. The first Beer Bridge has been built across WRCLW and Bavaria with Hellertauer IPL Collab as its outcome. The next Beer Bridge has been established with one of the oldest and most prestigious craft brewers in Europe, Jopen Kerk, which was started 24 years ago in Haarlem, near Amsterdam. Jopen Kerk has revived historical beers. The founders were impressed by the scale of our projects of bringing back to life a historic beer from WRCLW. The beer brewed in collaboration with the Dutch brewery is going to make its debut in mid January. Before that, we’re going to have their treats available in our offer.

We have also shared our activities in Wrocław. We pay close attention to the Wrocław Beer Trail, Beer Geek Madness and Wrocław Good Beer Festival known as the leading craft beer event in Poland.

What we are proud of is the fact that four of our beers have been awarded prestigious prizes. Schops has been a smash in WRCLW. Our idea of combining beer and food, foodpairing, and beer recommendation have been widely appreciated.

Our mission is to dream big, have a plan and work hard to implement it. It’s worked out. As part of the interview, we have given a tour of the Brewery, and explained how we meet the high quality standards. The photo session is of a festive character celebrating the coming New Year.

If you’re interested in reading the full interview, get a copy of the New Year’s edition of the “Wysokie Obcasy” magazine.

Happy New Year! Let’s craft together in WRCLW!

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