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Do you know Barrier Brewing Co.? This is a cool brewery from Oceanside (Long Island, NY) known from brewing delicious IPA. Especially those in the double hopped version – that is exactly what we`ve decided to do! A very strong Double IPA with the addition of oat and wheat flakes, a bit fuller and filled with hoppy aroma. Strong, aromatic, double dry-hopped DIPA!



A very strong Double IPA, with the addition of oat and wheat flakes, slightly fuller and filled with hoppy aroma. We used Citra, Mosaic and Chinook varieties, which introduced the notes of grapefruit, mango, papaya and pineapple.



An innovative, hoppy approach to the DIPA style – Double Dry Hopped DIPA is a bit sweeter / more malty than the regular IPA version – focused on intense hoppy aroma, but not necessarily on bitterness. We hopped our new DIPA both in Whirlpool and during aging process so that hops could enchant with hoppy fullness. It is most delightful right after filling into cans, so remember to not wait – drink it fresh!


The beer is very light, especially for such a high extract (22 Plato), because only light malts have been used by us – the base consists mainly of Pils malt, to which we added oat and wheat flakes for a slight hazyness and velvety smoothness. Part of the extract also comes from maltodextrin, an unfermented sugar that gives it more fullness and subtle sweetness. It is the first time we used oat milk, which pleasantly emphasizes the creamy texture of the beer.


The adjective DDH does not occur here by accident – the beer is very intensively hopped!

Most of the hops went to the Whirlpool machine and, above all, during the aging process. In total, we used 25 g per liter of obtained beer. Thanks to for the varieties we used: Citra, Mosaic and Chinook, in this beer you can find the fruity notes of grapefruit, mango, papaya and pineapple.

  • Style: DDH DIPA
  • Parameters:
    • Extract: 22,0%
    • Alcohol: 9,5%
    • IBU: 65
  • Ingredients:
    • Malt base: barley malt: pilsner, oat malt, flakes: oat, maltodextrin
  • Hops:
    • Bitter: Citra (US)
    • Aromatic: Citra, Mosaic US)
    • Dry-hopping: Citra (US), Chinook (US)
    • Yeasts: London Ale III
    • Appearance: light yellow, cloudy, topped with low white head
  • Aromas: grapefruit, pine, lemon, mango, pineapple, peaches, bananas, papaya, herbs, spices
  • Mouthfeel:
    • 1 – half-full
    • 2 – smooth
    • 3 – hoppy finish, slightly warming
  • Serving temperature: 8-12⁰C
  • Glass: Sensoric, tulip, snifter
  • Foodpairing:
    • Dishes: Thai curry with chicken and vegetables, fried pork chop with lemon and herb butter, bao bun with grilled, smoked cheese/shrimps, mango chutney topped with roasted peanuts and coriander
    • Cheese: Roquefort, mature Cheddar, Lazur
    • Desserts: Crumble with cinnamon and sour apples