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5th Birthday of the Brewery!


5th Birthday Celebration Time!

On December 5, we are starting the birthday fiesta at Browar Stu Mostów!

It will be a great opportunity to get to know about the changes that have taken place in the last years of our activity, to summarize and to present the direction in which we are heading! As a part of the craft beer industry, we create tastes and constantly develop in aim to spread the good taste, beer culture and values ​​that we believe in! Craft is all about people – that’s why we`d like to invite all of you to celebrate with us and participate in the attractions planned for this occasion!

5 Beer Releases for 5th Birthday!

Our birthday can not miss an exceptional beer premiere – our production crew is perfectly aware of this, and that is why they`ve prepared not only one, but 5! unique beers that are going to be released during the birthday week!

| 5 / 12 |
🌑 ART+32 Belgian Dubbel

| 12 / 12 |
🌑 Salamander New England IPA Citra Comet Galaxy
🌑 Salamander New England Pale Ale Citra Amarillo

| 14 / 12 |
🌑 WRCLW Schops Smoked Plums Rum B.A. 2019
🌑 Imperial Stout Bourbon B. A. 2019

One of them is WRCLW Schops Smoked Plums Rum B.A. 2019 – the wheat symbol of Wrocław, whose recipe was recreated by us basing on the chronicles descriptions, thus restoring its splendor! This beer is usually subjected to the aging process in oak barrels – in this particular case we used… rum barrels! To give our special edition of Schops a winter-Christmas aroma, we aged it with the addition of dried plums, smoked with beech and cedar chips. They`ve introduced to the sweet and sour beer profile the taste of oak soaked in rum. The aroma of nutmeg, honey and warm bread, characteristic for the classic version, has been enriched with notes of dried plum, focal smoke, cold smoked ham, dark dried fruit (blackberry, cherry), oak and rum. This is a unique beer combination of history and the latest brewing trends!

Beer education in the form of a tasting panel.

On Friday 6/12 we also invite you for a tasting panel during which you will have the opportunity to try unique sour and dark beers (including pre-release Baltic Porter from the WRCLW brand!):

  1. ART +30 Pastry Sour Ale Pink Guava Pineapple Passionfruit
  2. WILD #1 – Vintage Sour Ale refermented with Blackcurrant | Blend 2019
  3. WRCLW Barley Wine NITRO Rum B.A. 2018
  4. WRCLW Tonka, Vanilla & Chocolate Baltic Porter NITRO
  5. WRCLW Imperial Stout NITRO Bourbon B.A. 2018

We’ll start by showing you around the Brewery and introducing the whole brewing process. Then we will move to the newest part of the Brewery – the Hundred Bridges Hall to perform the beer tasting. We will tell you about dark, sour and wild beers from our offer and about the main rules of pairng them with food. All beers presented during the event will be served with the special selection of snacks prepared by our head chef Michał Czekajło with the team.

Tickets are available via Evenea portal:

Take part in the survey and choose our birthday menu!

We will culinary celebrate throughout the week – from Monday to Sunday 9-15 / 12.

You have a unique opportunity to choose dishes that will be served in the form of a birthday menu! We have selected the most popular dishes from among those that have been available for the last 5 years in our Pub on Długosza Street. We will serve the 5th dishes of presented below – the choice is yours!


  1. Crispy wings / mango / chili / coriander
  2. Poultry liver / gingerbread / apples
  3. Baked cheese / stewed peach
  4. Breaded oyster mushroom / chive / bryndza mustard / marjoram
  5. Beef tartare / mountain cheese / mustard


Birthday beer-meeting at Pub Stu Mostów – 14/12

The culmination of the week will be the Saturday meeting at our taproom on Długosza Street. On this day we plan to light candles on a birthday cake and drink a beer toast – feel invited!

Saturday schedule:

14:00 – 16:00 Happy Birthday Hour

For all guests who visit our Pub during this time there will be waiting beers in special, birthday prices!

🌑 ART+19 Rye Brut IPA


🌑 ART+24 DDH DIPA Oat & Spelt

| 0,3l – 5 zł / 0,5l – 8 zł |

15:00 – 16:00 Birthday Quiz

We invite you to gather in groups and participate in the Beer Quiz! For the winning team we have prepared a voucher worth 100zł to use on December 14 in our Pub, for the team from the second place – an invitation for a tour around the Brewery, while the third place will be awarded by a voucher worth 50 zł to use on December 14 in our Pub!

Reservation is free, but necessary to participate in the competition and can be made by email:

18:00 – Birthday Beers Release

The moment awaited by everyone – join us to celebrate the first sip of:

  • WRCLW Schops Smoked Plums Rum B.A. 2019
  • WRCLW Imperial Stout Bourbon B.A. 2019

On our taps there will also be waiting for You:

  • WRCLW Hefeweizen
  • Salamander Pale Ale
  • Salamander AIPA
  •  ART +30 Pastry Sour Ale
  • WRCLW Barley Wine Rum BA Nitro
  • ART +25 Crumble Sour IPA 
  • Salamander Passionfruit & Nectarine GOSE

Next in line:

  • WRCLW Cherry Eisbock 
  • WRCLW Imperial Stout Bourbon BA Nitro 

19:00 – Birthday Cake

For dessert, we invite you to try our beer birthday cake and a toast – each guest will receive for this occasion a portion of beer bubbles in the form of Salamander Nectarine & Passionfruit GOSE! After this sweet dose of energy, we will start a birthday party in the rhythm of beer and music hits with last 5 years!

Join the event today:

And don`t forget to visit us during the birthday week!