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The new spring menu and our beer: a perfect match!

Don’t miss the chance to taste our new spring menu! What we have prepared for the approaching warm weeks is “comfort food,” or delicious dishes that boost our mood not only when we are hungry. Everything is prepared out of fresh produce on the spot.

We are here to pair the best beer styles with each of the dishes in order to enhance or balance its flavours. On the menu: malty pretzels, livers in a new version, and seasonal beef steaks.

One of the favourite snacks served in summer time are malt-coated oyster mushrooms served with chive cream sprinkled with fresh chives. It’s a dish to be shared and enjoyed while having a classic Pils from the WRCLW brand.

Another item on the menu is dumpling dough served with malt oil, parmesan, and fresh wild garlic. If you have this dish paired with SALAMANDER AIPA, you’ll achieve a perfect balance between beer bitterness, classic dumpling dough and distinct garlic flavour.

The most interesting dish are potato dumplings in two versions: stuffed with veal lungs and vegetarian filled with cabbage and mango. Both variants are served with vegetable broth with onions and chives. This filling and subtle dish goes well with our intensely bitter beer SALAMANDER Pale Ale or Brut IPA.

Cod loin served on baked potatoes mousse is quite an impressive dish, whose flavour is enhanced with tomato juice with fresh spinach. The best beer to pair with fish dishes is  the wheat-based WRCLW Hefeweizen.

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