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Blueberry beers at
Global Berry Congress
in Rotterdam

Blueberry beers at Global Berry Congress in Rotterdam

Taking place between 19 and 21 March in Rotterdam, Global Berry Congress is the most important annual event for the berry industry bringing together all participants in this sector’s global delivery chain: farmers, suppliers, importers, distributors and retailers; as many as 400 key players from 36 countries.

During the opening event, the international guests to the Congress had an opportunity to taste SALAMANDER Blueberry Berliner Weisse and ART#16 Blueberry Foreign Extra Stout Nitro. Both of these beers have been brewed in cooperation with the Polish Berry Cooperative – leaders in Polish export and promoters of collaboration across sectors.

The berry industry has been experiencing rapid growth. The global expansion of blueberries has been already anticipated at this year’s edition of the Berry Conference in Poland. Here is our coverage:

Those seasons in a year when one country dominates the global supply for berries have been gradually disappearing. Nowadays the major challenge of the industry is sustainable growth. Global challenges include: no residues of plant health products, high quality products, supply growth which does not outrun demand growth; workforce challenges; and plastic packaging problem. Poland has been perceived as a key supplier for demanding markets. Our assets are high quality, farming in ecologically clean areas, hand-picked fruit and cooperation between farmers; world- class production standards; sharing knowledge and experience. The latest harvest standard designed in Poland by our friends from the PBC has been promoted among
Polish farmers and has been gaining in popularity abroad. Last year, a lot was written about the expansion of Polish berries into Asian markets as well as educating Polish consumers. The 1 of July, the World Day of Polish Blueberries, has been promoted as the date for opening the season.

The guests to the Congress have had a chance to taste two popular beers. Brewed in cooperation with berry farmers, SALAMANDER Blueberry Berliner Weisse is a light and sourish beer revived by raft brewers who used the Chandler-type berries cooled down right they have been gathered at the farms of the Polish Berry Cooperative. It is the outstanding effect of combining two revolutionary ideas: that of craft brewers and Polish beery farmers. The beer premiered at this year’s edition of Fruit Logistica in Berlin. Here is the coverage:

ART#16 Blueberry Foreign Extra Stout Nitro, a traditional recipe from the British Isles refreshed by Rubel-type berries. The brew combines the aromas of bitter chocolate and sweet berries balanced with roasted malts. Nitrogen gives the beer its velvety texture. This revolutionary beer was the official beer of the 6th Berry Conference, which gathered more than 900 farmers and as such has become the world’s biggest berry conference. Here is our coverage of the event.


Similarly to blueberries, craft beer is our trademark these days. Both sectors focus on high standards and innovative products, a great example of which is our blueberry nitro beer. Cheers!