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Rye Baltic Porter


Fresh brew of Polished
Black Gold to celebrate
Baltic Porter Day: 20/01!

Celebrating the Porter Day!

Polished Black Gold – Rye Baltic Porter – the outcome of our collaboration with Jopen. We have taken a fresh look at The Baltic Porter and added rye malts. The beer was well appreciated at the last year’s release party (thanks Poznań). This deep dark-brown beer with some lighter highlights releases aromas of pumpernickel, plum marmalade, coffee, chocolate, liquorice, blackberry, and dark cherries. As for the flavour, it is sweet, smooth, thick, bready, slightly bitter with chocolate tones. This fresh brew is going to be on taps on Friday night to celebrate the Porter Day!

The imperial porter by Jopen, the famous Meesterstuk 2017.

It’s nothing but a masterpiece. Brewed with fresh ginger and salt from the Celtic Sea that spreads between Ireland and Cornwall. During the ageing process, cocoa beans were added. These exceptional ingredients have provided an exciting balance between fresh and salty flavours and smooth and spicy tones.

The origins of this styles’ name go back to the Middle Ages when craftsmen were required to brew a masterpiece as a test of their competencies. To commemorate their saint Martin, the saint patron of the brewing guild of Haarlem, every year Jopen produces a masterpiece in a limited edition (changing the recipe). Meesterstuk 2017 was brewed by five Jopen brewers: Cor Baan, Tom Provo, Guido Koop, Quentin Idrac and Daniël van der Slikke. Visit the Brewery to taste it!

Join us on Długosza Street today to take part in the great review of DIPA!

We’re starting the weekend offering one of these two brews: Brewski Mangofeber DIPA and ART#14 Mango and Peach DIPA, a fruit and hoppy bomb brewed in collaboration with Brewski in WRCLW. Find out more about the collaboration at

The final celebration is taking place on Thursday when SALAMANDER Double Dry Hopped Double IPA is making its debut.

Double hopped DIPA is our answer to the latest IPA style trends. Double the amount of hops, four times the amount of hops; double hopped in whirlpool and double hopped in Hopgun, a dry hopping in the cold area equipment. The beer is filled with tropical fruit aromas: mango, litchi, pineapple, citrus fruit and pears. It is cloudy and juicy. Hard to believe the final outcome has been produced by new-wave hops. Join us to taste it!

Find out more about the release at 
Find out more about the beer at 
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