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Pub on Długosza Street


PUB receives Gault&Millau
recommendation and toque in 2016 and 2017

Browar Stu Mostów celebrates its 3 rd anniversary

What a fantastic success of our team! Another recommendation by Gault&Millau Polska culinary guide and the Toque stays with us for another year!

It’s quite an achievement for the toque to be awarded to a PUB without any waiting service in the traditional sense of the word, or white table cloths. Our team, Maciej Raszowski and Filip Korejke – cooks, Sous Chef Grzegorz Węgiel and Tomek Stelmasiński, Head Chef Michał Czekajło, would like to invite you all to visit our pub to literally taste the atmosphere. Our thanks go to Kasia Chlebus, Piotr Patykowski, Adrian Cholma, as well as Ania Michalska and Tomasz Święs. The bartenders dream team isn’t complete without Grzegorz Lisiak, our Beer Manager, and Agata Kotowicz, our Pub Manager. We are more than happy. Congratulations!

Watch the video made by Have a Bite Wrocław to learn how we design the menu

“The culinary scene in Wrocław has been developing at an incredible pace,” said Justyna Adamczewska from Gault&Millau. ‘The culinary scene in Poland has been booming as never before. There is a group of young, ambitious, talented and fearless chefs. Soon they will start a culinary revolution. Here comes a new era and it looks amazing!” We couldn’t agree more. Have a look at our current menu – stu-mostow/

We have got quite a treat for those of you who would like to taste our cuisine. As our 3 rd anniversary approaches, we are going to serve the best and the most courageous dishes created throughout the year. It goes to show that one can achieve success using simple and local products. We look at the food from an innovative perspective but we draw on traditions and forgotten products. For the last three years we have reached the momentum when all, or most, of our ingredients are produced on the spot, in the brewery and Concept. We are going to serve our bestsellers from Friday to Monday:

  • wings / mango / chilli cilantro
  • chicken hearts / lime / roasted malts
  • black pudding / mustard seeds pudding / onion bread
  • tongues / horseradish Mouse / dark sauce
  • oyster mushrooms / cream vinaigrette / herbs
  • pasta balls / roasted peppers

These are our culinary bestsellers of 2017 which might have helped us to win the Gault&Millau recommendation and the toque. It’s well worth visiting. Learn more about our anniversary at