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WRCLW Schöps
Smoked Plums Rum B.A. 2017

WRCLW Schöps Smoked Plums Rum B.A. 2017 makes its debut

Over a year after we recreated the historic style of Schöps, we have decided to rediscover this amazing recipe. Combining traditional and new wave craft brewing, the wheat symbol of Wrocław is back to the city’s pubs after the beer has aged in oak barrels filled with beech wood smoked plums. In this way, the sweet and sour profile of the beer has been completed with rum-infused oakwood tones. The aroma of nutmeg, honey and fresh bread has been enriched with interesting aromas of prunes, bonfire, cold smoked ham, subtle vanilla and coconut. It’s history rediscovered. Visit us to give it a try. Here is a link to the event:

Let’s recap how it all started. The wheat symbol of Wrocław brewed as early as in the 16th century, Schöps was considered to be one of the leading beers in Europe at that time. The history of the beer vanished two centuries later with no recipe being preserved till this day. Together with an international team of experts, we’ve ventured to recreate the style based on chronicle entries regarding its taste and the available knowledge on traditional brewing methods in the Lower Silesia region. The beer was of unique honey-nutmeg flavour. As it might not have been too hoppy, the beer’s sweetness could have been balanced with slight acidity coming from lactic acid bacteria living in the oak barrels used for fermentation and ageing processes.

In this year’s version of Schöps has aged in rum barrels that do not merely serve as containers but produce certain flavours and aromas.

The majority of wheat malts used in the production of the beer account for its honey-nutmeg aroma. We have used over 80% of light, dark and chocolate wheat malts to recreate the flavour of the previously brewed beer. The caramel and melanoid barley malts have been added to achieve the fullness and enrich wheat malt aromas. The exclusive taste has been achieved thanks to as many as 7 malt types as well as the traditional decoction mashing based on separating and boiling part of the mash. Since Schöps was considered to be a stronger beer, we have raised extract to 14.5%. The beer was known to be slightly lighter than the German Bockbier. Still, alcohol extract is quite low thanks to high fermentation yeast strain that is of low attenuation level, which accounts for the beer’s maltiness.

Beer ageing is a fascinating process, which is being studied by scientists. During the aging process beer oxidizes: taste and aroma balance, tones of port wine, sherry, dry fruit (plums, raisins, cherries) and honey appear. Tannins released by oakwood account for certain bitterness that balances the sweetness of Schops. Caramel and smoked wood compounds produce vanilla, coconut and spicy tones.

The barrels have an interesting story themselves. First they were used for storing American Bourbon, then rum and finally WRCLW Schops. They are very rich and aromatic. Jamaican rum is exceptional in the sense of releasing exceptional aromas of spices, marzipan, tropical fruit, intense vanilla, orange peels, cane sugar and molasses. This aroma enhances the historic style from Wrocław.

Plums give the beer an intense flavour. Who knows perhaps it brings Schops even closer to some historical interpretations of this style? Centuries ago malts used to be smoked at wood burning grates, which were basic methods of drying moist and sprouting malts. Smoke was often accountable for the beer’s smoky tones.

The aroma produced by beech wood smoked plums fits this style perfectly well. Schops profile is balanced with the aromas of smoked plums, bonfire, ashes, and smoked ham. It is a historically complete beer with a new wave touch. It is history rediscovered!

Feel invited to take a tour of the Brewery. Every Saturday at 4p.m. we give tours Turing which we explain the en tire production process from grains to barrels; from a 4-cylinder grain mill to bottling. Our state-of- the-art equipment is on display including the first in Poland HopGun –a BrauKon- patented “dry hopping” system, an advanced centrifuge and the first in Poland monoblock for automated bottling.

We are going to talk about our tanks (from 20 to 60 hl), which have revolutionized our distribution. As a result, we offer more beer styles at the same time. Smaller tanks support Barrel Aging Program. We are going to explain why aged beers are going to be of even higher standards, how our coupage capabilities have increased (which involve combining different barrels). And it’s just the beginning of our attractions. Visit us at this weekend to celebrate the premiere of WRCLW Schöps Smoked Plums Rum B.A. 2017 and join the tour. More information and booking options at: