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Three tenors


WRCLW Schöps
at the biggest culinary
festival in Poland

Makłowicz, Czekajło and Gulej on the main square in Wrocław

The biggest culinary festival “Europe on the Fork” organized annually in Wrocław promotes our local cuisine as part of the European traditions. Our regional products are served next to specialties from Great Britain, Croatia, Ukraine, Spain, France, or Germany. It’s a great opportunity for both Wrocław dwellers and tourists to participate in this amazing feast on the main square in Wrocław.

This year’s edition starts on Wednesday 31 May with the farmers’ market offering European treats and regional products including Lower Silesia specialties. On this same day the Culinary Book Fair opens at the Tajne Komplety bookshop. There will be a meeting organized with Robert Makłowicz and other authors of culinary books in the Proza club. Join us!

Here are some events we have engaged in and promoted:

  1. WRCLW Schöps at the European Feast on the main square in Wrocław. Saturday, June 3, the main day of the festival. Culinary treats from all over Europe. The chefs from Wrocław are going to present the most popular dishes from the 17 European countries and WRCLW. We’re going to be part of this fantastic event. About 4:40p.m. Robert Makłowicz, Michał Czekajło and Mateusz Gulej are going to appear on the main stage. The main chef of the Browar Stu Mostów is going to present Pyżyk, a small cheese and malt ball served with Schöps sauce and spicy broad bean. The sauce is made of strong brew – Sauergut – sourish wort acidified with lactic acid bacteria used to brew Schops in a traditional method. So far, it has been presented to experts from Wrocławski Bazar Smakoszy and “Kulinarna Akademia Blogerów”. Read more about it: smakoszy/  The appearance of the three chefs on the main stage brings to mind performances of the three tenors. Each of them highly knowledgeable and passionate. It can’t be missed. Mateusz Gulej is going to share information about our historic style and current brewing methods. Bringing food and beer together opens up an amazing opportunity to learn more about this legendary beer, which was the wheat symbol of WRCLW for centuries. More about the great comeback of Schöps at Feel invited!

2. Festival menu on Długosza Street. To celebrate the festival “Europe on the Fork” we are offering a special menu served from Wednesday 31.05 to Sunday 4.06. There are 3 exceptional dishes prepared with malts. Simple, classic, tasty. Simple dishes bring to mind warm and long nights, going out and celebrating:

– Sorrel rhubarb cold soup with roasted malts [PLN10] served with refreshing WRCLW Hefeweizen. Thanks to its slight acidity, the beer is light and refreshing. Banana tones go well with the milky texture of the cold soup. It’s a light but energizing dish.

– Roasted beef with sprats, spinach and toasted bread with malts [PLN20]. It’s a richer dish of a more distinct flavour, a perfect match with SALAMANDER Black IPA. This full-bodied beer of clearly bitter flavour releases pine and resinous aromas with subtle citric tones. This dish and beer will take you by surprise. Pine tones bring out the fullness of the beer’s flavour. Fish goes well with strongly hopped beers and Back IPA is one of them!

– Fish malt potato dumplings served with roasted almonds sauce [PLN28]. WRCLW Schöps is the perfect match. Its honey nutmeg flavour goes exceptionally well with potato dishes and enriches their flavour. It’s all about foodpairing. For us, it is not a beauty contest but hard work to promote craft. We’re showing how attractive beer is. We compete against wine and the common misconception that every dish goes with different beer. It’s a long-term project but it’s worth the effort! As the Wrocław festival has adopted a similar attitude, our cooperation is pure pleasure. GoWRCLW! Our dishes are going to be presented during the press conference with the participation of Robert Małowicz and Piotr Bikont scheduled for 1p.m. on May 23 as well as during the events on the main square in Wrocław.

The list of restaurants that participate in the “Europe on the Fork” festival by offering a special menu available at: The list is also available at the “2017 Festival Restaurants” section at: and

3. WRCLW Schöps to be sold on the main square in WRCLW. Between 31 May to 4 June we’re participating in the Festival. WRCLW Schöps is to be sold on the main square between 10:00a.m. and 9:00p.m.

4. WRCLW Schöps at the meeting with Piotr Bikont and Robert Makłowicz. Join us at the meeting with culinary experts and authors of the culinary guide, which is helpful in discovering the tastes of WRCLW. The meeting takes place at 6.00p.m. on June 1 in the Proza club.

5. WRCLW Schöps to compete for “The Best Taste of Lower Silesia”. The competition promotes the best regional and traditional products as well as culinary specialties from the Lower Silesia Region. The evaluating criteria include: taste, smell and appearance, quality of ingredients, extras, preparation methods. The finale is going to take place at the AKROPOLIS – TAVERNA, Rynek 20/21, June 3. The jury is going to announce the winner a day earlier. The competition is supervised by Jan Babczyszyn – the Chairman of the Polish Taste Academy. The competition in the “wines, meads, beers, ciders” is fierce. Keep your fingers crossed!

Visit the biggest culinary festival in Poland held in WRCLW! More details at: 2017-zapowiedz-programu-festiwalu/