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Brewing Coffee Amber Ale
with Czarny Deszcz roastery

ART#10 Coffee Milk Amber Ale

It’s the second beer brewed with coffee in the history of Browar Stu Mostów. This time it’s Amber Ale with lactose, roasted cocoa beans and exceptional coffee supplied by the Czarny Deszcz coffee roaster from Wrocław. Our cooperation has coincided with the triumph of Filip Kucharczyk from Czarny Deszcz in the World Aeropress Championship. We have used exactly the same coffee variety, Colombia Rio Negro, to brew our beer as Filip used to win the championship. The reason for it is the coffee’s unique sensory profile: grapefruit, green grapes, sour hard candy and creamy mouthfeel.

About the coffee

Yellow Bourbon is a natural cultivar of the Red Bourbon and Amarelo de Botacuto varieties. Selected by French botanists from Yemen coffee varieties, Bourbon was transported onto Brazilian plantations where it developed its unique sensory profile. These coffee beans come from 10 farmers living in the vicinity of the Rio Negro town, the Huila region, south-west Columbia, where volcanic soil, an average temperature of 20-25°C and 160 cm of annual rainfall ensure the best conditions to grow cocoa plants. What accounts for its uniqueness is the story. On the harvest day, farmer  leave selected ripe coffee cherries for about 18 to 24 hours. What happens next is coffee is washed and dried for 12-18 days.

About coffee experts

Czarny Deszcz is a local coffee project from Wrocław that imports, roasts and sales premium and specialty coffees. Similarly to Browar Stu Mostów, the roastery aims at raising coffee awareness and developing coffee drinking culture. They provide customers with possibilities to participate in coffee brewing processes, comparing and tasting coffee varieties from numerous farmers and cooperatives. They share knowledge and skills as well as train baristas so that coffee is properly delivered, brewed and served.

Colombia Rio Negro coffee variety has been added in the cold brew method to save its fresh aroma. ART#10 Coffee Milk Amber Ale will make its debut on Wed. 12 October. It is available from Thursday on in the best pubs, restaurants and cafes. Taste it!

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