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The First Barrel Aged RIS


April is the stout month. Let’s start with Rye RIS

Zapraszamy na premierę leżakowanego Rye RIS’a

Barrel aged beers have been a fast developing trend both in the USA and Poland. The ageing process, during which the whole range of chemical and physical changes take place, allows Rye RIS aromas and flavours to develop fully. The main goal of barrel ageing is to develop vanilla, caramel and oak wood flavours. On top of it, beer takes over flavours of the spirits that used to age in the very same barrel before. In case of our beer, it is American Bourbon. The final effect is highly concentrated beer as water evaporates faster from the barrel in comparison to other compounds. In addition, more oxidised beer means even richer aromas of prunes and cherries.

RIS is a style for these beer enthusiasts who are ready for new experiences. It is a full flavoured beer. Learn more about its history in the footage from our December premiere:

It’s worth remembering that brewed to celebrate our birthday WRCLW Rye RIS has been awarded the title of the 2nd best RIS in the blind test of 10 best RIS beers in Poland. It was evaluated by 3 professional judges: Artur Napiórkowski, Adam Szewczyk and Michał Jaskólski. The certified judges called in January: “Let’s drink RIS beers. It’s great that craft breweries brew this style because they do it well.”

Full test available at:


We have refreshed this classic style by supplying rye malts that add to the beer’s body and thickness, thus enhancing its exceptional taste and aroma. The intense chocolate and coffee tones bring to mind best chocolate pralines. Barrel ageing gives the beer more refined characteristics such as prunes flavours. Regardless of being a highly intensive beer, WRCLW Rye RIS is well-balanced and velvety in nature.

It’s the perfect beer to taste. Visit us on Długosza Street in April!