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Wild No. 7 Brett NEIPA

WILD No. 7 Brett New England India Pale Ale

What we`ve prepared for You as the Wild No. 7 beer is a mix of two different worlds, classic wild yeast base combined with some of the new world, postmodern hops. Not filtered or pasteurized, bottle conditioned. 


WILD No. 7 Brett NEIPA

We proudly present our seventh beer from the WILD brand – Brett NEIPA. This beer will drink differently in his early days or after some months, being more hop dominant in the beginning and moving forward into the fruitier side of Brettanomyces wild yeast over the time. Distinguished by deep straw yellow color and the complex aromatic profile.



A simple New England IPA grain bill with a bunch of malted and flaked fluffy oats. 


For the first time we`ve used Meridian hop, full of mixed berries and citrus notes and combined it with one of our favourites – Galaxy. 


Our first 100% Brettanomyces and 100% steel fermentation beer. We inoculated this NEIPA with a fruit forward, relatively fast fermenting Brett strain.  

Changes over time:

This IPA will drink almost like a clean NEIPA in the earliest days. It will be changing over the time with more and more Brett character. Expect no much funk from this strain but more ripe pineapple, peach and orange marmalade. 

Serving tips:

Beers of this type are highly saturated, therefore they should be served in the right way:

1. Serve well chilled

Like sparkling wines and champagne, our WILD beers taste best when cooled properly before opening – we recommend storing them vertically at 4 to 6 degrees for about 24 hours before opening!

2. Be careful

The pressure inside the bottle caused by refermantation is definitely higher than in beers not subjected to this process and can be comparable to champagne – so be careful when opening!

3. Hold and pour at an angle

Holding the bottle at an angle when opening increases the surface of the liquid in the neck of the bottle, thanks to which the pressure releases more freely minimizing foaming. Transfer to glass should also be at an angle to reduce the loss of dissolved carbon dioxide and prevent excessive foaming. Beer should be poured without any natural yeast precipitate that can accumulate at the bottom of the bottle.

  • Style: Brettanomyces NEIPA
  • Parameters:
    • Extract: 14,5 %
    • Alcohol: 6,5  %
    • IBU: 30
  • Ingredients: water, malt, flakes, lactose, hops, yeasts
  • Malts: barley: Pilsner, oat, oat flakes
  • Hops: Meridian, Galaxy
  • Yeasts:
    • Fruit forward Brettanomyces
  • Appearance: straw yellow to light orange, hazy with a long lasting white fluffy head
  • Aromas: ripe pineapple, citrus peel, peach with a blood orange finish
  • Mouthfeel:
    • Full body yet dry enough for high drinkability.
  • Serving temperature: 7-10⁰C
  • Glass: IPA glass, sensoric, sniffter
  • Foodpairing:
    • Dishes: Empanadas with goat cheese, smoked paprika and chimichurri, Burger with grilled halloumi cheese and pineapple with peach and coriander salsa
    • Cheese: manchego cheese, soft goat cheese, regional rennet cheese with herbs
    • Dessert: Lemon Meringue Pie, rustic pie with peaches and crumble