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Wild 14 Bière de soif Cherry Vanilla

Our Wild series are beautiful and strange beers. Mix fermented with a plethora of different wild yeasts and bacterias. The “Bière de soif” series are hybrids that form bridges between the world of wine, cider andbeer.

The final product is a blend of our barrel aged Saisonbase and huge amount of whole local Łutówka Cherries from the Gospodarstwo Rolne Ireneusz Rudnicki farmand Madagascar Vanilla beans. This cherries are also known as Schattenmorelleor Chatel Morel. Bottle conditioned and unpasteurized beer. Brewed in January 2020.

Amazing vivid cherry color with a pinkish, long lasting foam. This beer sits just between some of our favourite fruit lambics, French easy drinking Pet Nats and more new wave pastry style beers.



WILD No. 14 Bière de soif Cherry Vanilla

In this beer there’s no strong hoppy taste but if you are looking for something funky then WILD #14 might be for you!



A multigrain base of Barley and Wheat malts and local flaked Oats.


This is a really low hopped beer, but we only used our very best Herbsucker hops for it.

Fermented primary in steel tanks with a blend of our 2 favourite saison strains, then, secondary fermented in wine barrels with our blend of wild yeast and bacteria. Refermented with natural wild yeast coming from the fruit and bottle conditioned.

We only work with the best quality and as local as possible whole fruits in our Bière de soif series. These beers are a true agricultural products celebrating locality and temporality. Hand picked Łutówka cherries from the Gospodarstwo Rolne Ireneusz Rudnicki farm.

Serving tips:
Beers of this type are highly saturated, therefore they should be served in the right way:

1. Serve well chilled
Like sparkling wines and champagne, our Biere de soif beers taste best when cooled properly before opening – we recommend storing them vertically at 4 to 6 degrees for about 24 hours before opening!

2. Be careful
The pressure inside the bottle caused by refermantation is definitely higher than in beers not subjected to this process and can be comparable to champagne – so be careful when opening!

3. Hold and pour at an angle
Holding the bottle at an angle when opening increases the surface of the liquid in the neck of the bottle, thanks to which the pressure releases more freely minimizing foaming. Transfer to glass should also be at an angle to reduce the loss of dissolved carbon dioxide and prevent excessive foaming. Beer should be poured without any natural yeast precipitate that can accumulate at the bottom of the bottle.

Bière de soif refermented with Cherries and Vanilla beans.

Extract: 12,0 %
Alcohol: 6,0 %
IBU: 5

Malt, Hops, Yeast, Water, Cherries, Vanilla

barley, Pils, wheat, Oat flakes.

Hersbrucker (DE)

House blend of saison yeast, wild yeast and bacteria.

Łutówka Cherries from the Gospodarstwo Rolne Ireneusz Rudnicki farm.

Cherry red color, clear with a bit of natural sediment.

Balanced mixof funk with cherries and a hint of Vanilla.

Medium up to full-bodied, yet dry. High carbonated.

Serving temperature:

Stu Mostów Wild glass.