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18 LAT?

OF 18?


We’ll keep the tradition alive. Hence, the traditional technology, natural brewing process and revival of beer drinking culture in Wrocław. But there is more to it. It is the desire to overcome limitations set by globalization as well as food and brewing industries.

The issue at stake is not pasteurisation, the IPA trend, Imperial Stout or the name on a label. As expectations are changing and awareness is rising, we want to enjoy more authenticity, simplicity and real people on the other side. Hence, the desire to slow down, the growing interest in high quality food, and consequently the revival of beer produced according to such a philosophy.

We have experienced the same in the USA. Over the last 40 years, 2800 breweries have been established there while at least 1500 more are under construction. There are states with one brewery per 25 thousand inhabitants. Lifestyle of millions is changing. And this trend is now approaching Europe.

Brewers are uniting forces so that we could taste genuine beer, and they’re changing our world. Observing Wrocław with excitement, they envy us. Why? They say it’s like falling in love for the first time. In Bavaria itself there are 630 breweries and in Wrocław, as we’ve told them, there are 630 thousand inhabitants! That’s why they envy us the emotions that we’re going to experience.

These are the emotions we’d like to share. It’s a small world and we’re open for experiences of other breweries that we know well. We support each other and there are already brewers from 8 or 9 countries that keep their fingers crossed for us. We won’t be counting them but soon, we’ll start inviting them to Wrocław.

We’ve been meeting wonderful people for two years now. The craft brewing industry is a big family that cooperates, provides support and builds bridges. Communication within this community is exceptional. We’ve been given a helping hand in Poland and anywhere we’ve looked for partners, in particular in Bavaria. Therefore, their state-of-the-art equipment is reaching all continents now. It’s absolutely fantastic!

We are a member of the Lower Silesia Chamber of Crafts and the first Polish member of the Brewers Association. We’ll take the best from Wrocław brewing traditions and the global beer revolution to start a new chapter in the history of beer produced in Wrocław. We know we’ll brew beer for people who are interested in quality food and who are in search for new cuisines and flavours.

The videos below feature comments of people who feel the revolutionary changes around: