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Stu Mostów Laboratory!

In May 2020, thanks to the opening of the Stu Mostów Laboratory, we reached a new level of quality in craft brewing!

At Browar Stu Mostów, we have always been looking for new development opportunities, which now requires professional control of the production process. Our own research center gives us confidence that soon we will surprise you with new projects and even better quality of our beers.

The technology creates completely new possibilities.

Thanks to the equipment we have, we can more accurately control the entire brewing process – starting from checking the quantity and quality of added yeast, through more accurate fermentation control (the Anton Paar density meter helps us in this). At the final stages of production, we are able to accurately examine the degree of carbonation of beer. We can also measure the oxygen content, which allows you to very carefully control all operations on beer and the bottling process itself, as well as reduce the oxygen content in beer to a minimum. Of course, cleanliness control is equally important. Our laboratory supports brewers in maintaining the sterility of devices and care for the purity of the finished product in terms of microbiology.

The work in our laboratory is managed by Paula Prorok – a specialist in quality control at Browar Stu Mostów. Paula graduated from the University of Life Sciences in Wroclaw in the first degree with an engineering title – Biotechnology in the specialty of food biotechnology and second-cycle studies with a master’s degree – Food Technology and Human Nutrition (profile – Fermentation Technology). She began her adventure with brewery by working at the spill, which gave her a broader perspective.

What advantage does our own laboratory gives us?

Own laboratory allows us to save time because we do not have to wait for the results of analyzes from external companies. It gives us confidence in controlling the processes taking place in the brewery, from the cleanliness of external surfaces to checking the quality of the finished product. It also allows for unrestricted experimenting with additives and, what is very important – with microorganisms, thanks to which we can verify their abilities and usefulness in the brewery. For example, you can perform fermentation tests at the laboratory level, then choose the best option and repeat it on a larger scale.

Where do we start?

In the near future, we plan to start the process of yeast propagation and create our own bank of microorganisms, which will be independent of the availability of selected strains on the market e.g. yeast. Responding to the needs of other craft breweries, we decided to also share the basic analysis package implemented in our laboratory. All interested are welcome to contact us by address: