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Salamander Raspberry and Basil Rye Grisette

A highly refreshing and much lighter version of the French farmer’s saison – Grisette brewed from barley malts and abundance of wheat and rye malts. A typical feature of this style are fruit and phenolic tones. This fine style has been enriched with both aromatic and slightly acidic raspberries and fresh and intense basil. Fruit and herbs have produced a perfectly drinkable beer for spring and summer months.


Salamander Raspberry and Basil Rye Grisette

A highly refreshing and much lighter version of Grisette, the farmer’s saison brewed from barley malts and abundance of wheat and rye malts.





Grisette is a unique type of the Saison beer whose origins go back to the French-speaking part of Belgium – Wallonia. This usually lighter beer is brewed from grains other than barley such as wheat and rye. Low extract and high attenuation yeast ensure refreshment in summer months. Such beer can be consumed in large quantities. There isn’t one recipe for brewing grisette. A lot depends on brewers and the spices or fruit they decide on. We have used raspberry and basil that have produced highly drinkable and richly aromatic brew.


As a light beer, Grisette’s extract is based on the light Pilsner malts. To increase its drinkability, we have added a large number of wheat flakes. However, not to make the beer too watery, in spite of low density wort, we have used rye malt which produces slightly rustic and spicy flavours as well as increases the beer’s viscosity. These qualities give Grisette its full-bodied feeling.


Traditional hopping, a bit higher than in classic saisons, highlights the beer’s unique qualities. German Magnum and Tettnanger hops release herbal tones added to produce some bitterness.

Extra ingredients:

Raspberry puree and raspberry pressed juice have produced a pleasantly pink and red colour. Polish raspberries release wonderful aroma that brings to mind summertime. Raspberries give fine acidic and astringent flavour so typical of this beer style. As usual, we have added nothing but natural puree and juices pressed from 100% fruit including peels and drupes, which preserve the profile of the entire fruit picked straight from the plant.

To refresh the style even more, we have added basil leaves, which produce a pleasantly spicy aroma as well as sweet and spicy flavour.


  • Style: Grisette
  • Parameters:
    • Extract: 11,0 %
    • Alcohol: 5,2 %
    • IBU: 26
  • Ingredients:
    • Barley malts: Pilsner; rye malts; wheat flakes;
    • Hops: Bitter: Magnum (DE) Aromatic: Tettnanger (DE)
    • Yeast: French Saison
  • Look: red, cloudy
  • Aromas: ripe raspberries, basil, cloves, bananas, black pepper, cherries
  • Flavour:
    • sparkling, refreshing
    • fruity, slightly acidic, higher viscosity
    • herbal bitterness; phenolic with astringent raspberry overtones
  • Serving temperature: 12-15 ⁰C
  • Glass: sensoric, sniffter
  • Foodpairing:

    Dishes: Cod Server with Basil salad and raspberry syrup; Croque Server with ripened cheese and smoked ham; leek and ripened cheese Flamiche

    Cheeses: Smoked Wallachian cheese, Frontiera Blue

    Desserts: Tarte Tatin, Macarons