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American India Pale Ale

The new design of SALAMANDER labels carries a hidden value. Discover it below and don’t hesitate to talk about it.

I follow my heart

I follow the heart reflex that now tells me I am grateful that you are here. Thank you for listening to me, replying and giving me attention. I think that you play an important role in my life – sometimes you amuse, sometimes you inspire. Sometimes you confuse me with your achievements, maybe even envy you. But I feel that your presence, even temporary, even virtual, empowers me and motivates me to a better life.

I am acting honorably, and I`m honoring You.

I strengthen the foundations of my values ​​by seeing how powerful they are to you. I know that you also have moments of doubt, you need support, conversation, hugs. And I know that just like me, deep down, you like to hear a good word about yourself.

I don’t avoid expressing gratitude and recognition

As I don`t avoid expressing gratitude and recognition, I want to make a toast for you. A historical toast straight from pre-war Wrocław – Salamander! For our brotherhood, mindfulness, and small things that you do not even know you are doing and which make me smile. For this, I want to honor you and capture this moment inside to make it lasts forever, just like our friendship!

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AIPA in the new design of the SALAMANDER brand is distinguished not only by the blackness of the can we fill it in. The label for the first can-filling of this style was designed in the peel-off format – which means that after peeling off the top layer, you will see a hidden space written with the content about the refreshed design of the SALAMANDER brand.

We talk again about the beginnings of SALAMANDER at Browar Stu Mostów and the motivations that contributed to the creation of its current look. The image of the salamander, commonly identified with our beer, returned to its roots for a moment. It appears on the label as a prehistoric rock painting with a divine nature. In this way, we refer to the etymology of the name of the Salamander toast, closely related to Wrocław – which you can read more about on the website dedicated to the SALAMANDER brand.

The next beers in the SALAMANDER family in their graphic design will refer to the values ​​we follow in the Brewery, which we consider universal and worth reminding nowadays. On each beer label under the SALAMANDER brand you will find a QR code that will redirect you to the text on the subject of graphically expressed value and description of a specific beer. In addition to the beer description below – we develop a few thoughts with the main theme in the main role, casually provoking you to unpredictable thoughts exchanges over beer.


This is our interpretation of the American IPA style! Full-bodied IPA with a solid malt foundation and a large portion of bitterness.. Brewed with the impressive amount of new-wave American hops. Full of citrus, tropical fruits, flowers and herbal-resin aromas, accompanied by a slightly caramel fullness. Beer dedicated for those who like pointed bitterness.




Although the origins of the IPA style go to the British Isles, it is the American version of this top-fermenting beer which has become the legendary brew of the craft beer revolution. Stronger than Pale Ale in every aspect: higher extract, more malts, darker colour and definitely more hops. Our AIPA is already a classic in the new wave craft brewing representing the Eastern bay tradition; slightly darker with clear malty foundations brewed from an impressive amount of new-wave American hops.


Malts are very important ingredient, cause they balance the hoppy bitterness. Strong malty foundation allows for stronger, more intense hopping. Slightly higher amount of red caramel malt highlights the body of our American IPA, which goes well with fruity aroma.


Hops account for the unique aroma of this brew. The bitter Columbus variety produces citrus bitterness that can be found in the albedo of citrus fruit. Yet, the most important ones are aromatic hops. While brewing, Mosaic gives intense tropical fruit flavours, specifically papaya and mandarin. During the ageing process, we add the uniquely citric variety of Citra, which releases the aroma of gooseberry, grapefruit, lime, and lychee.

Serving recommendations:

The narrowing rim of Tulip, Sensoric or IPA glasses allow for the hoppy character of the beer to show best. It’s a good idea for the beer to warm up in order to release aromas not produced in Lower temperatures. This style is always best fresh as hoppy aromas may at times lose their intensity.

Food pairing:

The most interesting pair is to serve this beer style with spicy cheese with mould formation such as Gorgonzola or Roquefort. High bitterness level of AIPA style beers intensifies the spicy flavour and smell of these cheeses. It is recommended to serve the beer with dishes containing these cheeses such as pasta, pizza, or burgers. Spicy dishes, specifically Thai or Nepalese cuisine. Moderately sweet fruit desserts which do not taste too bland taking into account the hoppy character of this beer.


  • Style: American India Pale Ale
  • Parameters
    • Extract: 16,0 %
    • Alcohol: 6,8 %
    • IBU: 63
  • Ingredients:
    • Malts: Pilsner; Caramel 30-50 EBC; wheat
    • Hops: bitter: Columbus (US) /aromatic: Mosaic(US), Citra (US) / cold hopping: Citra(US)
    • Yeast strain: top fermenting US-05
  • Look: light amber; slightly cloudy
  • Aromas: tropical and citrus fruit; herbal and caramel tones
  • Mouthfeel:
    • Fruity, mango, passion fruit
    • Citrus fruit with slight resinous tones
    • Intense hoppy flavours with bitterness and grapefruit overtones
  • Serving temperature: 10-13 ⁰C
  • Glass: IPA Glass, Sensoric, Sniffter, Nonic lub Shaker
  • Foodpairing:
      • Dishes: Spicy curry, beef burger with four cheeses sauce
      • Cheeses: Gorgonzola, Roquefort
      • Dessert: Lemon cake, lime tart

More information about the idea behind the new design of the SALAMANDER brand can be found here and the assumptions of the CAN 2.0 campaign, as a result of which the SALAMANDER beers will appear in this packaging – here.