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Mikkeller’s visit

The craft beer star visits One Hundred Bridges Brewery!

“For the beer industry Mikkeller is like Madonna for pop music” – Arletta Ziemian comments on the visit of representatives of the world famous Danish brewery during the Beer Geek Madness.

The visit of Mikkel Borg Bjergso, one of the founders of this outstanding brewery, has aroused emotions and new hopes for the success of our venture. Danes have been impressed with Polish craft beer. The changes on the Polish beer market have been discussed.

“The revolution is here! We are really impressed with One Hundred Bridges Brewery. We’ve met very friendly, committed and passionate people. We see the enthusiasm in Wrocław; people are waiting for a major change to take place. We’re very happy for them. We’ll do our best to visit Wrocław next year. Craft breweries are the future of the industry. Beer will never again have only one smell, colour and flavour” – Fredrik Johansen, Mikkeller.

In the event, Mikkeller has presented 12 different beers for true beer aficionados. It was a real treat for those who love beer for its high quality and varied flavours. One Hundred Bridges Brewery has presented beer from its current offer and beer brewed to mark the occasion of Beer Geek Madness. Mikkeller has promised to come back in a year. After the visit, we have even more faith in our project and more enthusiasm that we’re surly going to share.

Mikkeller serves as the best example of considering beer as art!

The brewery that was established in 2006 in Copenhagen in Denmark by two homebrewers: Mikkel Borg Bjergsø and Kristian Klarup Keller is considered to be one of the best breweries in the world thanks to a wide range of assortment that has become  trademark of the company. Mikkeller has been known as “phantom brewery” or “gypsy brewery” since its beers are created in collaboration with microbreweries from all over the world. There are many brands under the Mikkeller umbrella and each one has a unique history, brewing method and style which give completely distinctive flavour sensations. The 19 types of hop used to brew the famous “19” brand only go to show Mikkeller’s passion and commitment for beer brewing. Mikkeller has made a name for itself during the Danish Beer Festival where it presented beers brewed in the Ørbæk microbrewery and signed a contract with an American distributor Shelton Brothers. The first biggest hit was Stout or Beer Geek Breakfast from a Danish brewery Gourmet Bryggeriet. Today the majority of brands are brewed in De Proefbrouwerij in Belgium.