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Cherry Baltic Porter NITRO

WRCLW Cherry Baltic Porter NITRO

Browar Stu Mostów has brewed the Baltic Porter before but always abroad! This time we have brewed this particular style at our brewery! WRCLW Cherry Baltic Porter NITRO is a dark, bottom-fermented beer, which has gone through a long fermenting and ageing process. This is exactly what makes Baltic Porter so special. The beer has a solid malty foundations with subtle aromas of dark malts that bring to mind chocolate-coated wafers. Its profile is clear, full, sweet with balanced bitterness. Nitrogen infusion makes the beer’s texture velvety and produces light beige head of tiny bubbles.

As the name itself suggest, the Baltic Porter originated in the Baltic Sea region in the 19th century as a response to the British Imperial Stout. In contrast to its predecessor, the Baltic Porter has a more intense malty core and well-balanced flavours. This long fermenting and long ageing beer, is, in a word, a darker version of bock. With its less distinct roasted notes, the Baltic Porter is quite sweet. It will certainly warm you up. In spite of it being a strong beer, it is highly drinkable.

What makes the beer exceptional is freshly prepared cherry puree, which has brought about incredibly rich and complex flavour. After the beer has aged for long enough, we have added the final touch. Just before bottling, the beer was mixed with cherry pulp. Cherries go perfectly well with the thick and bready and caramel profile of the base beer. Using cherry puree has produced a fantastic texture and mouthfeel of the brew.

Nitrogen infusion also makes the beer unique. Since the beer is very thick, the cascade effect takes place as if in slow motion. High thickness and viscosity make the bubbles to go up slowly. It is recommended to wait a bit longer before pouring the beer into a glass to give the nitrogen bubbles more time to act. It’s not a waste time. The process itself is very impressive!

Such thick and intense beers store as well as good wines*. It is an excellent idea to get a few bottles and open them over a longer period of time (every half a year, ever year) to compare how the beer changes. First, the beer is going to bring to mind chocolate flavours. With time it is going to release aromas of porto, sherry, and dry fruit (prunes, raisins, and cherries). It’s an experience not to be missed!

Don’t miss the release of WRCLW Cherry Baltic Porter NITRO between 27 and 30 June at Browar Stu Mostów on Długosza 2.

* Make sure the beer is stored in optimal conditions (temperature of about 10C, no exposure to sunlight).