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Beer Bridges

A continuous exchange of experiences has inspired the idea of the Beer Bridges, or a collaboration project with leading European breweries. The Beer Bridges stand for more than collaborative brewing and exchange of brewers’ experiences. The goal behind the cooperation is to enrich the brewing culture. The Beer Bridge is also a culinary bridge and an opportunity to show the heritage, customs and traditions, and trends. Brewing in Wrocław, a city whose brewing tradition goes back 800 years, opens up an opportunity to get familiar with the place where the craft beer revolution started in Poland.

Such collaborative projects as the Beer Bridges are highly exceptional. There are not too many sectors where similar cooperation is established. Such projects enrich craft and make our mission possible. It is the beer that brings history, the present day, and the future together. It unites people, cities, and countries.


The Dutch Beer Bridge

The Beer Bridge with one of the oldest and most prestigious craft breweries in Europe, Jopen, which was established 25 years ago with a mission to revive brewing traditions in Haarlem, near Amsterdam. Jopen is similar to our brewery in many aspects including the goal of reviving historic recipes for once popular beers.




The Spanish Beer Bridge

The Beer Bridge established between WRLW and the best craft brand in Spain. This first in the history of Polish craft, Polish-Spanish cooperation has discovered the potential of both markets. We have spread interest in craft brewing both in Poland and Spain. We are in for the Spanish edition of Beer Geek Madness 2018 – the most interesting beer event in Poland to be held in WRCLW.




The Bavarian Beer Bridge

The Beer Bridge with Camba Bavaria. We have been cooperating with the Bavarian brewers for four years (sine 2014). We have completed three cooperative projects, two of which have been brewed in WRCLW. We like staying in touch. As part of the Beer Bridge, we have access to their excellent beers brewed in Truchtlaching.



The Scandinavian Beer Bridge

The Beer Bridge established between WRCLW and Scandinavian craft beers. Our partners included: the Norwegian brewery HaandBryggeriet, with whom we have brewed ART#12 Mango, Strawberry and Raspberry and the Swedish brewery Brewski, with whom we have brewed ART#14 Mango and Peach DIPA. We have organized numerous beer tasting events, tap takeovers, festivals and international premiers in many countries. Cheers! Na zdrowie! Skål!