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ART+ 37 DDH DIPA Sabro, Galaxy, El Dorado

Maltgarden has been at the forefront of the best craft breweries in Poland from the very beginning. A weekend spent together at Długosza 2 Street has resulted in another piece of (beer) ART. Our 37th beer from this brand is a strong, aromatic, double dry-hopped Double IPA!




Intensively hopped Double IPA with the addition of oat and wheat flakes, a bit fuller – with smaller bitterness and more intense hoppy aroma than regular DIPA. In the production process, we used Sabro, Galaxy and El Dorado varieties, mix of which gave back an aromatic profile rich in tropical fruit, coconut and vanilla notes.



An innovative, hoppy approach to the DIPA style – Double Dry Hopped DIPA is a bit sweeter / more malty than the regular IPA version – focused on intense hoppy aroma, but not necessarily on bitterness. We hopped our new DIPA both in Whirlpool and during aging process so that hops could enchant with hoppy fullness. It is most delightful right after filling into cans, so remember to not wait – drink it fresh!


We wanted to make it as simple as possible and so, we have prepared the light base that creates the perfect background for abundant hopping. For greater turbidity and velvety smoothness, we enriched it with oat malt and flakes. Part of the extract comes from maltodextrin – unfermented sugar, which gives more fullness and a subtle sweetness.


The adjective DDH does not occur here by accident – the beer is very intensively hopped!

We add hops both into the Whirlpool (for this purpose we used the American Citra, Mosaic and El dorado varieties) and on the so-called cold side – i.e. during fermentation and aging. The first dose of hops was addes to the tank during the turbulent fermentation phase, which allowed it to get the maximum juiciness and reproduce the complex flavor and aromatic profile of hops. During aging we added another, even larger dose of El dorado, Sabro and Galaxy. In total, we used 20g of pellet per liter of obtained beer.

We used the mix of the well-known and popular Australian Galaxy with the American El dorado variety together with relatively young on the market – Sabro. This distinctive variety has brought to the beer notes of coconut and tropical fruit with a delicate vanilla background.

  • Style: DDH DIPA
  • Parameters:
    • Extract: 18,5%
    • Alcohol: 8,0%
    • IBU: 40
  • Ingredients:
    • Malt base: barley malt: pilsner, oat malt, flakes: oat, maltodextrin
  • Hops:
    • Bitter: Chinook (US) 
    • WhirlpoolCitra, Mosaic, El Dorado (US)
    • Dry-hopping: Galaxy (AU), El Dorado (US), Sabro (US)
  • Yeasts: House Ale Strain
  • Appearance:pale yellow, cloudy, topped with short white head
  • Aromas: mango, passion fruit, coconut, tangerine
  • Mouthfeel:
    • 1 – half-full
    • 2 – fruity
    • 3 – juicy, hoppy finish
  • Serving temperature: 8-12⁰C
  • Glass: Sensoric, tulip, snifter
  • Foodpairing:
    • Dishes: Thai curry with chicken and vegetables, fried pork chop with lemon and herb butter, bao bun with grilled, smoked cheese/shrimps, mango chutney topped with roasted peanuts and coriander
    • Cheese: Roquefort, mature Cheddar, Lazur
    • Desserts: Tarte Tatin with caramelized tangerine and Thai ice-cream, coconut crumble with vanilla and tropical fruits