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ART+31 Imperial Brown Ale Chocolate Hazelnut NITRO

It`s the imperial version of Brown Ale brewed in cooperation with the Swedish brewery Beerbliotek known from the production of excellent dark and extractive beers. Our collab beer will not be an exception – it is a full, dark brown, essential beer due to a whole range of dark British malts. It owes them a deep aroma of nuts, chocolate, caramel and cookies, highlighted by the addition of hazelnuts. This is a warming beer dessert with a taste and texture reminiscent of nut-chocolate cream, topped with a fine, small-bubbled nitrogen foam – enjoy the first sip!



It is brewed together with Beerbliotek Brewery imperial Brown Ale enriched with addition of aromatic and warming hazelnuts. Its dessert character was complemented by velvety smoothness obtained by nitrogen gas. It’s the beer quintessence of the taste, texture and aroma of chocolate-nut cream.


Malt composition is the most important thing in Brown Ale production process. That is why put… 7. types of them into the mashing machine! Including delicious British malts from the famous Malt Simpsons Malt with a cookie and nut aromatic profile or intensely caramel cistal T50 malt.


In Brown Ale hops are added only to increase the level of bitterness and balance the malt base. After all, bitterness should be moderate so that it doesn’t overwhelm the dessert character of this style. Magnum continental hops worked perfectly in this role.

Extra ingredients:

Hazelnuts – aging on roasted hazelnuts strengthens the nutty aromas as well as the addition of natural chocolate, nutty and cocoa aromas which generate a warming effect. It`s deep-taste and aroma can be  associated with nut-chocolate cream.

Nitrogen-infused beers:

The idea behind infusing beers with nitrogen rather than carbon dioxide is to increase its drinkability and change its structure into a more velvety one. Nitrogen’s ability to dissolve in liquids is several times lower than that of carbon dioxide. What we have used at Browar Stu Mostów is advanced technological solutions that allow us to dissolve as much nitrogen as possible in beer. Right after opening and pouring the beer into a glass, nitrogen escapes as quickly as possible creating a cascade effect of a huge amount of tiny bubbles. After a while, nitrogen moves up whisking protein dissolved in beer. As a result of this process creamy and long-lasting beer head of tiny bubbles is produced, which is not available in carbonated beers.

To fully enjoy the nitro beer, serve it right:

  • cool the bottle down to >7 ⁰C; don’t shake it;
  • open the bottle quickly and pour the beer into a glass holding the bottle vertically;
  • now you can enjoy the cascade effect, which produces a beautiful beer head of tiny bubbles.


  • Style: Imperial Brown Ale
  • Parameters
    • Extract: 26,0%
    • Alcohol: 9,3% obj.
    • IBU: 40
  • Ingredients:
    • barley malts: pils, munich, golden promise, cristal T50, brown, chocolate, amber
    • Hops:
      • Bitter: Magnum (DE)
    • Yeasts: Danstar Nottingham
    • Extra ingredients: hazelnuts, natural hazelnut aroma, natural chocolate aroma, natural caramel aroma
  • Appearance: brown, almost clear with a ruby ​​glint and a fine bubble, beige foam built by a cascade nitro effect
  • Aromas: chocolate, cappuccino, hazelnut, caramel, amaretto
  • Mouthfeel:
    • smooth, velvet
    • chocolate, blueberry, slightly acidic
    • chocolate aftertaste
  • Serving temperature:  pouring nitro beers into a glass should be done quickly in the temperature of >7 ⁰C; we recommended to warm up the beer  glass in your hands up to 10-14⁰C after
  • Glass: Snifter, tulip
  • Foodpairing:
    • Dishe: hungarian beef stew, liver with sour apples and walnuts
    • Cheese: koryciński (polish regional cheese) with walnuts, ripe gouda
    • Dessert: brownie with bitter orange peel, praline with nuts