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ART.+6 Dinkelbier with carrots


ART.+6, a collaboration between Hundred Bridges Brewery and the culinary collective Food Think Tank, is primarily a combination of tradition and new wave madness and complete openness. Food Think Tank is known for lacking any specific definitions, more so, they are a new kind of initiative, bringing together specialists in many areas with one goal – to restore the quality of the food preparation and serving. We decided to use their thinking, and create a beer that will be simultaneously associated with traditions, roots, but also have an element of modern thinking.



ART. + 6 Dinkelbier with carrots

Beer brewed with the culinary collective Food Think Tank. It combines the characteristics of grain and rustic taste of a spelt beer; bitterness and aroma of German and American hop varieties and unusual flavor … carrots. Carrot juice with apple and honey was the foundation of an essence created by the Food Think Tank added during maturation of beer. Surprising and unusual.





The basis was a spelt beer (dinkelbier), which is almost a forgotten style, where spelt malt is the base, one of the oldest grains cultivated by man, known in the Bronze Age. To this cloudy beer we wanted to add a breath of freshness, modernity, which represent a new wave of hops, added especially during aging of beer. Also added an unusual essence prepared by Food Think Tank, which is a combination of roasted carrots, apple juice and honey.


Spelt malt is produced from spelt wheat (Triticum spelta L.), one of the oldest cultivated grains. Today it is rare to find, it was almost driven out by wheat malt. It is characterized by a very high protein content, making it harder to brew. At the same time, this gives a beautiful haze, and while pouring builds a very nice head. Spelt has also its distinctive flavor, unlike wheat malt, it has more grain aroma and slightly spicy character.

Hops / additions:

Typically, hops are not a main component of Dinkelbier, but not in our version! Bitterness was increased a bit. The new wave German hops Huell Melon, added during aging of beer, guarantees an interesting, fresh aroma of honey melon. But still, you can feel the carrots, added during dry hopping, prepared by Food Think Tank. In short, the whole creates an illusion of carrot juice with bananas and melon. Well, maybe with considerable bitterness 🙂


Spelt beer, as a special subspecies of “wheat beer” is served in a tall glass with narrowing at the bottom, emphasizing nice cloudiness. The temperature should be rather low, oscillating in the range between 6-8 C.

Food pairing:

The best match, in our opinion, is a duck breast with chocolate sauce on mashed carrots and ginger. Light salad with chicken also fits perfectly. For dessert, a great idea is Watermelon or melon sorbet, but the discovery could be a traditional north Indian carrot pudding Gajar ka Halwa. You may also try tasting it with fresh goat cheese or cottage cheese.



  • Style: (Dry hopped) Dinkelbier
  • Parameters
    • Extract: 11,8%
    • Alcohol: 4,7%
    • IBU: 23
  • Ingredients:
    • Malts: spelt, wheat, pils, caramel 30-40 ECB
    • Hop:
      • Bitter: Magnum
      • Aromatic: Hersbrucker, Cascade
      • Dry hopped: Huel Melon, Amarillo®
    • Yeast: top fermentation
  • Appearance: orange, very hazy
  • Aromas: carrots, honey melon, banana, peach
    • fruity, fresh, sparkling
    • refreshing notes of melon, carrot
    • hop bitterness with a subtle fruitiness
  • Serving temperature: 7 -8⁰C
  • Glass: High glass to wheat beers
  • Foodpairing: duck breast with chocolate sauce on mashed carrot and ginger, pasta with cheese sauces, salad with chicken. Cheese: goat chèvre cheese, cottage cheese. Desserts: melon sorbet, carrot cake, carrot pudding Gajar ka Halwa