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ART Imperial Apricot IPA


The fifth brew in the ART series is particularly unique. We brewed it with one of the most interesting American craft breweries – Pizza Boy Brewing. Extraordinary event, because it is there, in the United States, where it all began. And never ended! American brewers brewing experimental beers are often an inspiration for us and continue to set new trends in the world of beer. It is the first ever collaboration between Polish and American breweries.

We chose a style that is already a legend of the American craft beer revolution – Imperial IPA. It is in this matter that Pizza Boy Brewing has exceptional achievements, often using unusual brewing techniques, giving unexpected results. This amazingly creative brewery from Pennsylvania is also known for adding unusual ingredients into beer. Together we decided to tweak our Imperial IPA with apricot puree.



Imperial Apricot IPA

ART+5 Apricot Imperial IPA, the result of the first Polish-American collaboration. Along with the brewery from Pennsylvania – Pizza Boy Brewing, we brewed a strong top-fermented beer. High extract, light color and a huge impact of American hops in a rather dry version, infused with apricot puree and experimental hops mixture called Falconer’s Flight.





The idea seems simple. Take light colored, well hopped IPA and add more of everything! More light malt – so we do not interfere with our enjoyment of wonderful aromas of hops, insane amount of hops – both bitter but primarily aromatic! And to this we add freshly prepared mashed apricot to bring up the fruity aroma.

Malt / extract:

Strong beer requires a lot of malt. But despite the high extract, we do not want to emphasize maltiness of the beer. Therefore, malt composition is simple: a lot of light pilsner malt and just a pinch of Carapils® malt, which brings a small amount of light caramel, but without changing the color of the finished beer.


Hops are the foundation of this style. Hops must give a high bitterness, and in such a strong beer it is not easy. With such quantity of hops, their quality is crucial, so that despite the high value of the IBU, the bitterness has a nice profile. While the aroma hops are probably by far the most important attribute of Imperial IPAs.
In this beer, we used a new form of hopping, in addition to classical – we added a large amount of hops during the fermentation of beer. Even in the US it is a quite innovative method. It is unique because of the fact that yeast cells are capable of biotransformation of many compounds of hops, which cause the so-hopped beers to be characterized by a new and unusual aromas.
Astronomical amounts of Falconer’s Flight®, which is a carefully selected blend of experimental hops, added during aging of beer, provides an explosion of aromas of tropical fruit, floral, citrus, especially grapefruit. In addition, a large portion of Chinook, which introduces aromas of pine, greatly complements a punch of fruity aromas.


This type of beer should be served in an appropriate glass, which accumulates aromas, so to further enjoy its hoppiness. We recommend Sensoric, Tulip or Sniffter glasses. Temperature is also crucial to emphasize hop notes. It is best to consume it at a temperature of approx. 10 degrees Celsius.

Food pairing:

Imperial version of the IPA is a great companion of heavier grilled meats, such as lamb or beef. Apricot flavors blend well with baked goat cheese crumbles sprinkled with peach vinaigrette. High bitterness can enhance the spicy Asian cuisine.



  • Parameters:
    • Extract: 19,5%
    • Alcohol: 8,9 %
    • IBU: 105
  • Ingredients:
    • Malt: Pils, Carapils®
    • Hops:
      • Bitterness: Chinook (US), Columbus (US), Magnum (DE)
      • Aroma: Citra (US)
      • Dry hopping: Falconer’s Flight® (US), Chinook (US)
    • east: Top-fermented (US-05)
  • Look: golden color, hazy
  • Aromas: Tropical fruit, citrus, floral, herbal
    • Tropical fruit, apricot
    • Citrus notes, grapefruit
    • Herbal, floral. High bitterness.
  • Serving temperature: 10-13⁰C
  • Glass: Sensoric, Snifter, IPA Glass
  • Foodpairing: Grilled lamb, steak, BBQ ribs. Cheese: baked goat cheese, Fiore Sardo, Pecorino. Dessert: apricot sorbet, apricot strudel, fruit tarts