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ART.+20 Hibiscus Citrus Saison

Collaborative brew with Dois Corvos (two ravens) from Lisbon! It’s our first beer brewed in collaboration with the Portuguese brewery represented by their Polish brewmaster, Paweł Nowak. Never before have we used the aromatic and sourish hibiscus flower, which along with citrus zests is the best fit for the Saison style. We hope you’ll enjoy this slightly sour, red, citric, hibiscus-flavoured and refreshing beer as much as we do!



ART.+20 Hibiscus Citrus Saison

Farmer’s saison brewed in collaboration with Dois Corvos (two ravens) from Lisbon! We hope you’ll enjoy this slightly sour, red, citric, hibiscus-flavoured and refreshing beer as much as we do!


Known as the farmer’s or peasant’s beer, Saison is a light, refreshing, highly attenuated top- fermenting Belgian beer. One of the most typical features of this style are yeast strains, which produce savoury finish, high drinkability, and complex, phenolic and estery (fruity and spicy) flavour. Medium bitterness level and wheat malts account for high drinkability. We have added unusual ingredients: citrus zest and hibiscus flower.


Medium-bodied beer with 12.8 % extract brewed from the simple, light grist, a mix of Pilsner and wheat malts and a pinch of Munich malts to produce light and drinkable beer. The maltiness is enhanced with extra ingredients.

Extra ingredients:

The hibiscus flower (also called rose mallow) well known for its characteristic infusions, which are great source of natural vitamin C, calcium, vitamins and mineral salts. Hibiscus is loved for its beautiful red colour, flavour and aroma. By adding cold hibiscus infusion during the beer ageing process, our beer has preserved all of these features. Ground dry oranges and lemons produce pleasant citric tones, which go perfectly well with spicy saison and sourish hibiscus flower.



  • Style: Special Saison
  • Parameters:
    • Extract: 12,8%
    • Alcohol: 6,0% obj.
    • IBU: 20
  • Ingredients:
    • Malts/oats: Pilsner, wheat, Munich
    • Hops:
      • Bitter: Magnum (DE)
      • Aromatic: Tettnanger (DE)
    • Yeasts: WLP590 French Saison
    • Extra ingredients:  hibiscus flower, dry oranges, dry lemons
  • Look: hazy, cherry-like colour
  • Aromas:  hibiscus, flowers, lemon, orange, banana, cloves, white pepper
  • Mouthfeel:
    • sparkling,
    • sourish, citrus
    • refreshing with hibiscus-like finish
  • Serving temperature: 6-8°C
  • Glass: Sensoric, sniffter
  • Foodpairing:-
    • Dishes: Hawaiian pulled pork, chicken salad with gooseberry vinaigrette
    • Cheeses: Wołoski-type smoked cheese, Frontiera Blue cheese
    • Desserts:  Strawberry rhubarb