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Art+ 51, a great collab with Peninsula


Last week we closed out the first fifty Arts with a bang. It was enjoyable and even touching – but that’s behind us now. We’re moving on.

Brewing together, having fun together, and even cleaning the brewery with a broom (or at least joyfully marking this cleaning)… The recent visit of the team from the not entirely Spanish (the founders are Venezuelans) Peninsula brewery met all the conditions of a perfect collab: friendly, pleasant, enriching with new knowledge and experience. We recall the pleasant cooperation with the Venezuelans with all the more pleasure, because in a few days we will present you with its effect…

…which will be the premiere of Art 51. A delicious New England IPA brewed with oatmeal and maltodextrin was hopped both in the kettle and cold. Connoisseurs will enjoy the wide range of aromas characteristic for Mosaic Cryo, El Dorado and the sensational Motueka straight from Revolution farms in New Zealand. Not enough? No problem. Just in case we added 400 kilos of apricot puree.

As it happens, Art+ 51, brewed together with Peninsula, will have its premiere this Friday. From the 22nd of October look for it in our pub, in the Stu Mostów Brewery Store at Długosza 2 in Wrocław, in the store and in all good beer stores throughout Poland.