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18 LAT?

OF 18?

Art+… 49… 50!


The first fifty of the Arts you love are here!

That’s right! It’s hard to believe, but this weekend we’ll close out the first fifty of the Arts you love.

From the beginning to the end, Art+ line is based on cooperation, joint action, shared ideas and their joint implementation. It allows us to meet brewers from all over the world and exchange knowledge and experience with them, which makes our next beers even more interesting, both for you and for us. It’s amazing, but in just a few days we will have already made half a hundred Artes, which means no less than fifty exceptional meetings with exceptional people who brew exceptional beer. Not bad, huh?

Art+ 49 and Art+ 50 are recent, pleasant collaborations with, respectively, Estonian brewery Puhaste and Romanian Bereta.

The first one is Imperial Brown Ale. We brewed this beer with a blend of European malts and lactose, and conditioned it with freshly roasted coffee beans and Dulce de leche. It came out exactly the way it was supposed to – finger licking.

With the “round” Art with the number 50 on the label we add the style of New England Double IPA. Brewed with barley malt and fluffy oatmeal, cold hopped, kettle and tank hopped (CryoPop, Citra, Mosaic hops), and treated with our proprietary secret sauce protocol. Need I add more?

You can get both Arts in our pub, in the Stu Mostów Brewery Store at Długosza 2 in Wrocław, in the store and in all good beer stores throughout Poland – starting October 15.