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Italian style pils and delicious pastry


Premieres! Italian style pils and delicious pastry

Almost ready, almost at your place. This week two premieres will hit the stores: Art 47 brewed together with our friends from Rebel’s and “pancake” Smooth.

Under the codename Art 47 hides Italian Pils, which we recently brewed together with our friendly Roman Rebels brewery (the guys visited us in Wrocław). We met these nice brewers from Italy in Spain and quickly found a common language with them. We were supposed to brew together a long time ago, but our plans were thwarted by the pandemic. As you can see, what postpones, does not escape, because Italian Pils will soon be in your hands. Expect simplicity and taste. Only base malt plus Italian Futura hops… and more Futura hops added during cold hopping. Those who appreciate herbal, spicy character in beer will not be disappointed.

The other flavor pole is represented by Smooth Pancake Pastry Sour. This is a first-class offer for pastry connoisseurs. A delicious beer full of smooth fruit character (blueberries!) and a nice sour sweetness, “spiced” with vanilla and cinnamon, fairly watered down with maple syrup. We apologize in advance, but the aroma and taste of Smooth will make… that you will not free yourself from the thought of adding more of this unique “pancake”. 🙂

Both premieres can be found from the 24th of September (stationary) in the Stu Mostów Brewery store on Długosza 2 in Wrocław, (online) in the store and in all good beer stores throughout Poland.